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Iranian diaspora rally in Washington DC

MEK Iran: Hundreds Demonstrate Near White House Opposing Iranian Regime

Iranian diaspora rally in Washington DC

Former Texan Republican, Rep. Ted Poe, and Retired Col. Wesley Martin deliver speeches at the dissident’s rally, supporters of MEK, in Washington DC, February 8, 2020

The Washington Examiner reported that hundreds of demonstrators joined forces close to the White House to raise people’s awareness for dissidents who are behind bars in Iran and to draw attention to the importance of the death of Qassem Soleimani, an Iranian terrorist commander.

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Struan Stevenson: Iran Is in the Calm before the Storm


Stevenson writes an article about Iran Protests and Iran’s future

United Press International published an article by Struan Stevenson on Monday predicting the imminent fall of the Iranian regime. The article, entitled “Iran protests are in the lull before the storm,” describes in detail the current state of affairs in Iran following the November Uprising that brought millions of Iranians into the streets to protest the regime.

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Thomas Kantwell and Soleimani

Col. Cantwell Describes Soleimani’s Crimes in Townhall Article

Thomas Kantwell and Soleimani

Thomas Cantwell in an article in Townhall describes Soleimani’s crimes

Townhall published an article on Thursday by retired U.S. Army Colonel Thomas Cantwell that characterized Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) Quds Force chief Qassem Soleimani, who was recently killed by a U.S. drone strike, as “an obstacle to both U.S. interests and Iranian democracy.”

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Ivan Sascha Sheehan

Iranian Protests Signal Widespread Dissatisfaction with Ruling Regime

Ivan Sascha Sheehan

Ivan Sascha Sheehan in an opinion piece on the Fox News website wrote: With the Mujahedin-e- Khalq (MEK) opposition movement’s resistance units spearheading at least 790 individual protests across 190 cities, security forces and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps opened fire with live ammunition, killing an estimated 1,500 people.

Professor Ivan Sascha Sheehan published an opinion piece on the Fox News website on Tuesday arguing that mainstream media reports about protests in Iran have failed to note the anti-regime sentiment that has characterized public protests over the past two years, which underlies the “stark divisions between the Iranian people and the country’s ruling theocracy.”

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MEK fans rally in London to mark the 40th day after 1,500 Iran protesters were slain in November uprising.

MEK Supporters Rally in Solidarity With Iran Protesters in London

MEK fans rally in London to mark the 40th day after 1,500 Iran protesters were slain in November uprising.

The supporters of the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK) rally in London in front of No.10, Dawning street, to show solidarity with Iran protesters and 1,500 heroes that were slain by regime repressive forces during November 2019 protests

Supporters of MEK rallied in London on Saturday, December 28 to reiterate their support for the nationwide protests of the Iranian people and to mark the 40th anniversary of the killing of more than 1,500 Iranian protesters in November this year by Iranian security forces. The rally was held in front of the 10th Downing Street, the official home and office of the British Prime Minister.

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BCFIF condemns the Iranian regime's suppression of the recent protests

MEK Iran: 200 MEPs Support Iran Protests And Maryam Rajavi’s Call On UN To Dispatch A Fact-finding Delegation

BCFIF condemns the Iranian regime's suppression of the recent protests

The British Committee for Iran Freedom, (BCFIF) condemns the regime’s bloody crackdown on protests in Iran-

On December 20, 2019, four lawmakers from the UK House of Commons and the House of Lords released a Press Statement concerning a joint statement by the British Committee for a Free Iran the International Committee of MPs for a Democratic Iran, announcing support of over 200 Parliamentarians from 14 European countries for Iran protests and expressed their solidarity with the Iranian resistance.

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scenes of the November 2019 uprising across Iran

Dallas Morning News Op-Ed Calls on World to Support Iran Uprising

scenes of the November 2019 uprising across Iran

scenes of the November 2019 uprising across Iran

In a November 24, 2019 op-ed in the Dallas Morning News, Homeira Hesami of the Iranian-American Community of North Texas argued that the international community lacks a complete picture of the Iranian regime’s response to the nationwide protests that are raging throughout the country. Because Internet access in Iran is still limited to government officials and state-run media, the world has only had a glimpse of the crime against humanity that is currently taking place.

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Amb. Kenneth Blackwell-file photo

MEK_Iran: Ambassador Blackwell: We must get tougher on Iran


Amb. Kenneth Blackwell-file photo

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations,
John Kenneth Blackwell who served as the mayor of Cincinnati, Ohio (1979–80)

The Iranian regime’s foreign policy has increased in its brazenness, with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) attacking or seizing commercial vessels in the Gulf, bombing Saudi oil infrastructure, and continuing its aggressive policies in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen, but Professor Ken Blackwell warns that the US should not decrease pressure on the mullahs.

He wrote: “The regime’s recent actions cannot simply be interpreted as a response to rising levels of pressure from the US. Its abuses both at home and abroad have been getting worse for quite some time. And they have done so not because of newfound foreign pressure but because of the predictable absence thereof.”

In his op-ed for Townhall, he quoted the head of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI),  Maryam Rajavi, as saying that the impunity enjoyed by the regime’s leaders have resulted in emboldening them to export terrorism and warmongering.

The regime’s crimes have been overlooked in favor of appeasement for four decades now, the most heinous of which was the 1988 massacre of 30,000 political prisoners who refused to disavow the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK), the main Iranian opposition. The massacre was the subject of an extensive exhibition at the NCRI’s international conference in July, where Rajavi noted that even after they brought this evidence to the West, they remained silent.

Blackwell wrote: “America is known to be the foremost defender of human rights around the world and has taken on the scourge of terrorism head-on. Human rights abuses and terrorism are the two pillars of the clerical regime’s strategy for survival… As long as Tehran is not held directly accountable for more than 30,000 deaths, the regime will be emboldened to carry out more violations with impunity. Why would Tehran see any reason to scale back its malign activities, unless the US leads the way by making it clear that its standards for regime behavior have changed?”

He advised that the only way to do this is by holding the regime accountable for its past crimes and bringing those responsible to justice. They must be shown that their actions have consequences. He further noted that while the “maximum pressure” policy is a step in the right direction, economic sanctions are not enough on their own. Instead, the regime’s crimes must be referred to the UN Security Council.

Blackwell wrote: “A proper investigation of the massacre will undoubtedly lead to a conviction in the International Criminal Court for a number of high-ranking Iranian officials, including the current Justice Minister and the current judiciary chief. The US should clearly send a message that Iranian officials are not immune from their wrongdoing. The Iranian people will see that the world supports them as never before and will rise up to demand, once and for all, a new, democratic government. The American administration needs to bring Tehran’s human rights violations into focus to force the regime to rethink its aggression.”

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Tens of thousands of MEK supporters in Berlin Free Iran Rally

Another rebuttal to lies about the MEK Iran- Fake News published at NBCNews

Tens of thousands of MEK supporters in Berlin Free Iran Rally

Free Iran Rally in Berlin- Nearly fifteen thousands supporters of MEK, took to the streets in Berlin to show solidarity with the uprisings in Iran.

NBC News published an article on October 17, which contained several long-disproved claims about the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK Iran). Anyone could see that the source for this article is actually the Iranian Regime, but after NBC refused to publish the rebuttal, written by Ali Safavi of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Paris-based National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), he decided to publish it.

In the rebuttal, Safavi made seven points which we will address briefly, but you should read it in full.

Safavi began by explaining that the MEK has spent 40 years fighting for democracy against the biggest state sponsor of terrorism in the world and, as a result, has been severely attacked by those who advocate appeasing the mullahs.

He said: “Unable to openly defend the religious dictatorship in Iran, these apologists instead demonize the regime’s democratic alternative to justify appeasing the current regime.”

Safavi noted that the article quoted former State Department official Daniel Benjamin, who was the main opponent to the MEK’s legal battle against the false terrorist designation levied against it in the 1990s to appease the mullahs.

This is not the first time NBC has sought a quote from Benjamin. Last year, when European law enforcement agencies foiled the regime’s terror plot against the MEK in Paris, NBC echoed Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif by calling the plot a “false flag” and then quoted Benjamin as saying that nothing was simple and shifting the blame to the victims.

Then, Safavi quotes the US State Department’s recent release about the Iranian regime’s malign activities during nuclear negotiations and after the signing of the nuclear agreement as proof of Iran’s evil actions, especially against the MEK.

Safavi wrote: “The dozens of honourable and bipartisan American figures who support the MEK and the Iranian Resistance represent the conscience of humanity against the evils of the theocratic rulers of Iran. Targeting these personalities, including America’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Attorney General Michael Mukasey, who have distinguished careers, is part of the clerical regime’s vilification campaign against the MEK, which is sadly echoed by supporters of appeasement vis-a-vis the regime like Daniel Benjamin.”

Safavi explained that Benjamin had while working as the State Department’s Counterterrorism official “inexplicably” refused to implement the orders of the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia to delist the MEK, meaning that then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had to do it herself.

MEK demonstration in 1981 in Iran

500000 Iranian, supporters of MEK, took to street participating in a peaceful rally against suppression imposed by the Iranian regime on Jun 20, 1981, in Iran

Safavi then easily dismissed claims that the MEK has no base in Iran, citing that over 100,000 of its members have been executed, yet they still continue to donate money to the MEK, hang up their posters, and fight for freedom.

Safavi wrote: “Such a movement could not have survived, much less continuously expand, for more than five decades without an extensive popular base. Why would an organization that lacks social support become the clerical regime’s main existential problem?… Hours after the publication of the NBC article, the clerical regime’s state-run media outlets, including the Fars news agency tied to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), embraced it and translated it into Farsi. Serving the godfather of terrorism and arming it with more fodder to suppress the Iranian people and the Iranian Resistance is utterly shameful.”

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MEK Iran Reveals Iran’s grizzly organ trade

A wall in Farhang Hosseini alley filled with selling and buying advertisements for body organs.

Thousands of people in Iran are being forced to sell their body parts, including livers, lungs, bone marrow, blood, kidneys, and corneas, on the growing black market, according to opposition activists.

The National Council of Resistance to Iran (NCRI) provided a dossier detailing allegations of the shocking trade, which has turned into a “lucrative business”, to the Daily Star Online.

The Iranian activists, who are living in exile, said that the economic strain in Iran is why thousands of people are desperate enough to sell their organs, which can go for up to $50,000.

NCRI spokesman Shahin Gobadi described this as an “untold catastrophe” and a “systemic problem”.

He added: “The tragedy of Iranians, especially the youths, selling their body parts to survive or to address their own basic needs or those of their families in a country like Iran that has seven percent of the world’s natural resource is an untold catastrophe.”

The dossier includes photos of graffiti, where people have advertised their organs on buildings near hospitals, and a website which advertises the buying and selling of organs via “organ brokers”, who prey on the desperation of both buyer and seller. Messages on this site include:

  • “Hello, I want to see my kidney under the market price”
  • “Willing to sell kidney due to financial problems”
  • “Urgent sale of kidney”
  • “I need the money urgently, I am willing to come anywhere in Iran”
  • “God would damn the owner of this website”

Most of those selling their organs are aged 22-34 and are encouraged to submit their blood group, mobile number and personal details to the broker.

The NCRI spoke to one dealer, who said that organ brokers can earn up to $56,000 a month, who admitted preying on the poor and even the families of “brain-dead patients” in hospitals.
The dealer said: “Most of those who sell their kidneys are from the lower strata of the society. I find them through friends who live in small towns or poor suburbs. Subsequently, they are satisfied and the price is set. Of course, they are introduced as the donor and the acquaintance of the patient to make the job easier.”

Kidneys are the most in-demand, with blood plasma and livers being more expensive. Here is the price per body part on the black market:

  • Kidneys – $5k to $10k
  • Livers – $50k
  • Corneas – $20k
  • Bone marrow – $10k

Tehran is reportedly the center of the organ trade, with an alley known as “Kidney Street” and the area is tagged with numerous A4 sheets of paper counting personal details of people selling their organs.

Resistance and Political Change Will Come from the Depths of Economic Despair

Gobadi said that the Iranian Regime had pillaged the country’s resources and spent billions running “proxy wars” in Yemen, Lebanon, and Syria.

He said: “It is very telling that the painful trend of selling body parts continued and even intensified following the signing of the Iran Nuclear Deal, which released more than 100 billion dollars and enabled the regime to sell more than two million barrels of oil on a daily basis. As the Iranian Resistance said at the time, this windfall was not spent on improving the abysmal living conditions of the Iranian people.”

He continued: “Through embezzlement, theft and astronomical pillaging of these resources, the Iranian regime’s leaders have devoted most of these resources to suppression at home and export of terrorism as well as financing terrorist groups, fomenting proxy wars in the Middle East and working to obtain weapons of mass destruction.”

Staff Writer


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