The prisons in Iran are filthy

MEK Iran: Iranian Regime’s Neglect of Prisoners

The prisons in Iran are filthy

The prisons in Iran are filthy and crowded.

Over the past few weeks in Iran, several riots in prisons have broken out. Prisoners are appalled at the conditions that they are being held in – among some of the worst in the world and far below international standards. They have been left particularly vulnerable now because of the Coronavirus outbreak that has spread across the country very rapidly.

It has been reported that yet another prisoner has been killed during prison riots – this time in Ahvaz. The prisoners have been calling to be released while the Coronavirus pandemic is still in full force, but they have been ignored by prison authorities and their concerns dismissed.

The Iranian regime refuses to admit that the health crisis has grown out of control because of its mismanagement and negligence. It is downplaying the outbreak because it wants to appear in control, but it is failing miserably.

The main opposition to the Iranian regime – the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI / MEK Iran) – has been reporting on the situation truthfully and accurately since the very beginning. It has put the death toll at more than 33,800, yet the regime is trying to convince the people, and the international community, that it is at around 5,000 marks.

The regime believes, or so it claims, that it has done all that it can to control the outbreak, but it is also blaming the United States and sanctions it imposed on the regime for the high death toll. This could not be further from the truth because US sanctions do not include medication or medical supplies.

We can see that its actions towards prisoners in Iran are representative of its policies of suppression. Prisoners have been rioting in prisons because they are fed up with their situation. Only ten days ago, a prisoner that escaped during a riot was executed. At the end of last month during several prison riots, several prisoners were horrifically attacked, as well as members of their family. Tear gas and live ammunition were fired, hurting and killing many.

Amnesty International has reported that scores of prisoners have been killed by regime enforcers and it has called for urgent intervention.

Many prisoners across the country have died after contracting Coronavirus and the situation is very worrying – not just for fellow inmates that are at immediate risk of becoming ill, but also for family members that are concerned about the well-being of their loved ones.

The prisons are filthy and the prisoners are crowded into wards far too small to hold them. Conditions are unsanitary and the prisoners are not provided with disinfectant or hand sanitizer.

The Iranian regime is taking advantage of the Coronavirus outbreak to further oppress the people of Iran and to punish them further. It is a criminal regime that does not deserve to rule a country, especially so corruptly. It is fully understandable why the people of Iran crave freedom, democracy, and the respect of human rights, and ultimately regime change.

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