Coronavirus Task Force

MEK Iran: Iranian Regime Still Struggling to Control Coronavirus Outbreak

Coronavirus Task Force

Iranian people are fed up with this corrupt regime that puts its own interests first.

On Sunday, a meeting was held in Iran with the Coronavirus Task Force. President Hassan Rouhani participated in the meeting and he took the opportunity to continue downplaying the gravity of the health crisis. He said that one must look at the positive side, claiming that Iran has dealt with the issue better than a lot of other countries.

He also said that Iran’s approach must be cautious and that the country should “be prepared for difficult and dangerous situations”. This comment is particularly surprising given that he has previously said that the country has passed the peak and that the worst is over.

The Coronavirus outbreak has been handled terribly by the regime since the very start. Flights between Iran and China continued for many weeks after the first cases of COVID-19 were detected in Iran. Furthermore, the regime has sent people back to work despite the virus still being very prevalent in many parts of the country.

And in the latest development, the regime has decided to reopen many religious sites.

President Rouhani recently declared that 132 cities are considered “white areas” – cities that are low-risk. This decision was made despite the warnings from scientific and medical experts that there will be a new surge in the number of cases. Not only will this put more of the population at risk, but it will also have a profound impact on the already struggling health services that have had great difficulty coping with the numbers of people with COVID-19.

Many nurses, doctors, and other medical workers across the country have not had access to the necessary protective equipment and this has unfortunately led to many deaths. Many medical workers are also suffering from mental health problems because of the pressure they are being put under.

President Rouhani has called on the people to be patient and tolerant. He said: “In these difficult circumstances, our tolerance must go up. Let our patience go up!” However, patience and tolerance are not going to get the country out of this crisis. The government must manage the crisis properly and protect the people.

Concerning the decision to send people back to work, President Rouhani said that the choice was between letting people starve to death or die from the virus. This is completely unacceptable. People around the world have been ordered by their governments to stop working until the Coronavirus outbreak is under control in their respective countries, and in the meantime, meaningful support was given to those that need it most. No such measures were taken by the corrupt regime in Iran.

The Iranian regime is trying to appease the people of Iran because it knows that another major uprising is imminent. The people are fed up with this corrupt regime that puts its interests first. And it is right to be concerned about an imminent uprising. It is certain because the people are determined to see this regime collapse so that they can move on in peace and harmony.

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