coronavirus in Iran

Iranian Regime’s Mismanagement of Coronavirus Outbreak Continues to Worry People of Iran

coronavirus in Iran

The death toll on coronavirus dramatically rises in Iran.

The Iranian regime has mismanaged the Coronavirus outbreak since the very beginning. Numerous contradictions among government officials have proven that the leadership of Iran cannot be trusted.

Governments across the world have reassured their people that transparency is of utmost importance during the current crisis that is worrying people all over the world. However, there is not a shred of transparency in Iran.

On Sunday, the Iranian president announced during a meeting with the Coronavirus Control Task Force that the country’s Ministry of Health will announce in the next few weeks a list of more than a hundred cities in which religious sites will be reopened.

President Rouhani said that these areas, named “white areas”, will expand daily.

However, further details are yet to be revealed but many are worried that this is going to result in another surge of infection rates across the country.

President Hassan Rouhani has been trying to convince the people of Iran, and the international community, that the health crisis is under control. This could not be any further from the truth, and doctors and medical workers across the country are saying that the number of victims daily is worryingly high.

There are no areas in the country that are clear of COVID-19 – “white areas” as the president has described them. Furthermore, it would be impossible to declare any area as clear of the infection considering that there are no travel restrictions between cities and provinces.

In the province of Isfahan, the Ministry of Health has declared nine cities as white areas, whereas the deputy dean of the University of Medical Sciences has said that the whole province is a red zone.

The Ministry of Health has declared six cities in the province of Sistan and Baluchestan as white zones, but the dean of the University of Medical Sciences of Zahedan has said that the province is probably just at the beginning of the second peak.

Medical workers across the country are warning the Iranian government that the statistics are still on the increase and that another wave of infections is on the way. They are saying that the upcoming weeks could prove to be even more deadly than the first wave and that the peak has not been reached yet.

The Iranian regime is eager to reopen religious sites for several reasons. Firstly, their closure has meant that the regime has lost one of its propaganda machines. Friday sermons, for example, are a way for the regime to influence the people and to promote its policies. Secondly, the regime makes huge sums of money from religious sites.

The regime is using the Coronavirus outbreak to cling onto power. The Iranian people and their resistance (MEK Iran), however, are more determined than ever to see the regime collapse. There is no denying that the regime is criminally neglectful and that it has no place in this world.

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