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(NCRI) and (PMOI / MEK Iran): Indeed, the ayatollahs’ solution to the country’s problems has put Iran’s entire authoritarian regime in an untenable position.

On November 10, political economist Ata Bahrami spoke on a short TV show regarding Iran’s catastrophic economic state. The video, which was posted on the state-run Tahririeh. ir website, depicts the country’s dire situation, particularly the government’s failure to control the poultry price and public outrage over it. In his remarks, he raises concerns about the government’s fixation on squandering public funds on ballistic missile and drone projects, as well as the government’s mishandling in other areas, public distrust of officials, and pervasive corruption.

Our country has evolved into a synthesis of opposites

Indeed, the ayatollahs’ solution to the country’s problems has put Iran’s entire authoritarian regime in an untenable position. They, on the other hand, have realized that any change or reform will lead to their eventual demise.

“In the name of God,” says the speaker. Our country has evolved into a synthesis of opposites. On the one hand, we have technology that is only available to a few countries. We have drones that can travel over 1000 kilometers and hit targets with pinpoint accuracy. Furthermore, we have numerous missiles that are among the most advanced in the world,” he boasted of Tehran’s missile and drone capabilities.

“On the other hand, we’re seeing strange things in the country.” It’s been a chicken country for four years,” Bahrami said, referring to Iran’s poultry crisis. “Look at what’s going on in a market worth $1.2-billion.”


Power outages

(PMOI / MEK Iran) and (NCRI): Power outages: the digital currency Bitcoin at the Rafsanjan Special Economic Zone in different provinces, southeastern Iran.


Indeed, two different movements manage this issue

“According to official estimates for 2020, $20 billion has been spent on managing a $1.2-billion market in the last two years.” Meanwhile, we see changing prices every day, and some say there are no chicken legs or chests,” he said briefly about the poultry market’s chaos and people’s concerns.

“You see, this story destroys the national capital, disturbs the country’s reputation, and challenges the government. How is it possible to get these together? Regrettably, our country lacks a central nervous system in management. Incompetence has become the cause of the crisis in the country and is challenging the country’s structure,” he continued.

“Indeed, two different movements manage this issue, and there is no managerial unity, meaning the same movement that produces drones does not control the market in our country. I mean intellectually, not a military entity controls the chicken market, which is senseless at all.”

“Maybe we should not expect ordinary people to know these issues, and they practically mix them, concluding missile and drone technology developments are false too. It is not possible a country, which possesses 7000km-range drones, cannot manage the chicken market. This contradiction has caused something strange,” Bahrami challenged authorities’ claims.


Iranian regime continues raising prices

(PMOI / MEK Iran) and (NCRI): The Iranian regime continues raising prices. new high prices are emerging, and even if direct subsidies are increased, the poor will remain the first line of vulnerability.”


“They have created such circumstances through policymaking. This policy created such challenges, and the new government constantly falls because it has yet to realize this crisis,” he tried to ease criticism against the Ebrahim Raisi government by blaming his ‘reformist’ predecessor Hassan Rouhani.

“Currently, we witness long discussions over subsidized dollars—which are provided for officials at 42,000 rials. 42,000-rial dollars is practically the root of this crisis with simple policymaking and nice expressions. They do not say we intend to destroy the country; they say we allocate preferred currency for essential goods.”

“Unfortunately, the new government cannot understand that keeping the 42,000-rial currency is a loss even for one day. They regrettably keep the 42,000-rial currency, make new decisions every day, and present new bills. The country would not face such dilemmas if it had a central nervous in the managing system.”

“Those managers or the main circle of the management that decide about extending the missiles’ range or improving military forces. They should be familiar with the economic logic and prevent from turning chicken into a symbol of mismanagement.”

How the mullahs destroyed Iran’s economy




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