Over 49,000 dead in Iran

MEK Iran: Over 49,000 Dead from Coronavirus, Officials Predict “Higher and Worse” Numbers to Come

Over 49,000 dead in Iran

The (PMOI / MEK Iran) announced that Over 49,000 dead toll in 325 cities in Iran.

On Tuesday afternoon, the MEK Iran announced that more than 49,000 people in 325 cities in all 31 provinces in Iran have died from COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. Health authorities across the country are now warning that this “second peak” of infections that has overwhelmed hospitals will worsen in the coming weeks. A spokesman for the regime’s Ministry of Health described the situation in Hormozgan, East and West Azerbaijan, Kurdistan, Kermanshah, Bushehr, Sistan and Baluchestan, Qazvin, and Khorasan Razavi provinces as “alarming.”

Reported deaths by province include:

  • Khuzestan: 3,780
  • Isfahan: 2,525
  • Lorestan: 1585
  • Sistan and Baluchestan: 1,580
  • West Azerbaijan: 1,345
  • Kermanshah: 1,140
  • Zanjan: 520
  • Other provinces: ~36,525

Overcrowded Hospitals

Alireza Zali, the head of the National Coronavirus Combat Taskforce (NCCT) in Tehran, provided the regime’s official report of new hospitalizations in Tehran Province to the state-run ILNA on Monday, June 2. “Last night, 261 Coronavirus patients were admitted to ordinary hospital wards and 73 patients with acute conditions to Intensive Care Units,” The MEK Iran has repeatedly stressed that the regime’s figures are an undercount of the true number of coronavirus cases, but even the official count is alarming.

On Tuesday, the head of the Information Committee of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences expressed concern about the number of hospitalized patients in Kermanshah Province. “Every day, the number of Coronavirus patients admitted to the Province exceeds 200. Yesterday 243 people were hospitalized,” he said to the IRGC-affiliated Fars news agency.

Conditions in Khuzestan Province are critical. On Monday, Ahvaz University of Medical Sciences reported 658 new coronavirus cases and 16 deaths in the previous 24 hours, according to the state-run Rouydad-24 website. The President of Abadan School of Medical Sciences reported an additional 63 new cases and five deaths, according to the IRGC-affiliated Javan website. On Tuesday, the President of Shushtar University of Medical Sciences warned of grave conditions there.  “Last week we had the highest number of hospitalizations in Shushtar … It is expected that the trend of the Coronavirus outbreak will increase again in the next two weeks,” he said, according to the state-run ISNA.

Hossein Farshidi, President of the University of Medical Sciences in Hormozgan Province, expressed concern about the worsening situation in Hormozgan in comments to state television on Monday. “In cities like Bandar Abbas, we are looking to use hotels to quarantine infected patients. Bandar Abbas and Minab have been declared red by the NCCT, and in our opinion, Roodan and Qeshm are also red. The cities of Hajiabad and Bandar Khamir are also considering declaring red. So far, 123 health care and medical staff in the Province have contracted with Coronavirus,” he said.

An Upward Curve

On Monday, the President of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences in Fars Province said, “We are facing a sudden increase in the spread of the virus, and Fars Province has now reached the alerting stage,” according to the Fars news agency.

On Monday, the Deputy Governor of Bushehr Province told the state-run IRNA: “Today, we have set a record in the rate of infection, and if this trend continues, we predict, hitting higher and worse records.”

The Governor of Iranshahr, Sistan and Baluchestan Province has reinstated quarantine restrictions in an effort to slow the spread of coronavirus in the city. On Tuesday, he announced, “Starting from today, the city’s market will be closed for ten days due to the spread of the Coronavirus transmission chain,” according to the state-run Tabnak website.

The second wave of coronavirus infections is well underway in West Azerbaijan Province. On Tuesday, the President of the Medical Sciences University in West Azerbaijan Province announced that the number of coronavirus cases in the province had increased to 6,057. “The figures for the recent week show an increase in the number of people hospitalized in medical centers and those who died because of Coronavirus in the Province,” he added, according to the Fars news agency. State television and radio both acknowledged the crisis in the region on Tuesday, reporting, “The alarm bell for the second wave of Coronavirus in West Azerbaijan sounded. The upward curve of those infected in Mahabad is concerning.”

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