Iranian Regime’s Fear of Uprising

MEK Iran: Iranian Regime’s Fear of Another Uprising

Iranian Regime’s Fear of Uprising

MEK Iran: Iranian regime concerned about the possibility of an uprising.

The Iranian regime is extremely concerned about the possibility of another nationwide uprising. The people of Iran are so angry with the country’s leadership for a whole host of reasons. For decades, the regime has put its selfish interests ahead of those of the people. It has been responsible for some horrific crimes against humanity, in particular the 1988 massacre in which tens of thousands of political prisoners were executed during one single summer.

It has sparked conflicts and wars in the region and it has been involved in terrorist attacks. It has plundered billions of dollars on terrorism, terrorist activities, and terrorist groups. It has suppressed its people and discriminated against ethnic and religious minorities. It controls or tries to control, almost every aspect of the lives of the people of Iran. And the list goes on.

Most recently, its negligence with regards to the Coronavirus outbreak has angered the people. Instead of acting immediately when the virus was first detected in the country, it tried to downplay the threat, denying that cases of COVID-19 had been reported. It has under-reported on the death toll and it has taken action that will only worsen the health crisis. It is very clear to see why the regime fears an uprising. The people cannot turn a blind eye to such events that are devastating their lives.

So now, instead of tacking the major health crisis, the regime is instead focusing on quashing dissent and enforcing its suppressive policies.

In an interview with a state-run news outlet, the commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) anti-riot force, Brigadier General Hassan Karami, said that the unit has been preparing to be able to deal with the unrest. He said that the anti-riot unit has received tremendous resources for the year 2020 and that it is very well equipped.

The General said that he has been with the force for years and this year is unprecedented in terms of the support it has been provided with.

The Iranian regime’s decision to pour so many resources into the suppression of the people shows just how fearful it is of dissent. The economic situation in Iran is horrendous, but the fact that resources are being made available for repressive forces shows that the regime’s survival depends on the suppression of dissent.

Many experts have warned the regime that the rise of unemployment, the rise in poverty, and the regime’s widespread corruption are going to result in a new wave of protests and uprisings. All of these problems were present before the Coronavirus outbreak, but they have since got much worse.

It is estimated that millions of people have lost their jobs because of the outbreak and many workers do not have insurance. The last major uprising in Iran was in November last year. The situation of millions of people across the country has declined so rapidly that another uprising is inevitable. The regime, no matter how much it prepares, will not be able to contain the people’s anger.

The PMOI / MEK Iran and the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) have taken great efforts to help the people of Iran that have been left extremely vulnerable by the government.

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