Iranian Regime’s Economic Turmoil

MEK Iran: Iranian Regime’s Economic Turmoil

Iranian Regime’s Economic Turmoil

MEK Iran: Iranian regime’s economic turmoil.

The Coronavirus outbreak in Iran is just the latest in a long list of crises that the Iranian regime has been battling against. More than 40,700 people have died according to the latest figures announced by the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI / MEK Iran).

Medical and scientific experts are warning that the death toll is going to continue rising at an alarming rate if important measures are not adopted quickly.

Experts have also been highlighting the economic crisis in Iran. The regime’s economic experts have been saying for weeks that the Iranian economy is on the verge of collapse and the issue has now been brought up in Parliament.

The most recent action taken by the Iranian government is to remove zeros from the currency. Four zeros have been removed but this move is just another example of the regime’s incompetency and a sign that the country’s economy is virtually bankrupt.

The move could be considered a political one rather than an economic one. The only result will be greater economic pressure on the ordinary people of Iran. They will face higher inflation and even more difficulty in affording the basic amenities. In the best-case scenario, the people’s purchasing power will remain as it is, otherwise, it is likely to decline even further.

The Iranian regime is corrupt at all levels of leadership. The widespread corruption is an intrinsic part of its makeup and there is no way of eliminating corruption without the regime collapsing. Systematic corruption over the past four decades has resulted in the current economic situation in Iran.

Not much time passes without yet another case of corruption or embezzlement being reported about. One of the most recent cases was the transfer of Shasta, the Social Security Investment Company, to the stock exchange. It is one of the largest companies in the country that are part of public resources.

The Coronavirus outbreak in Iran has added to the economic turmoil. An inevitable decline in economic activity has been noted and it has brought unemployment to many more people in the country.

Furthermore, sanctions against the Iranian regime continue and the pressure is working in the way it was intended. Oil prices have declined in an unprecedented way and the regime is finding itself in a situation that is getting more and more complicated.

The regime is extremely concerned about imminent uprisings, anti-government demonstrations, strikes, and protests. It is a legitimate concern because the people of Iran are fed up with the regime’s corruption and mismanagement that is making their lives increasingly tougher.

During the last major uprising at the end of last year, the people made it very clear that they would not be silenced. The Iranian regime tried to quash dissent by being very heavy-handed against protesters. Many people were killed by the regime’s brutality and many thousands were injured and/or arrested. However, this action serves only to make the people of Iran more determined in their quest for freedom, the respect for human rights and democracy.

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