1500 killed in Iran Protests

MEK Iran: 1500 Killed in Iran Protests


1500 killed in Iran Protests

MEK Iran says at least 1500 killed in Iran uprising

Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK Iran/PMOI) said yesterday that there have been at least 1500 killed in the recent uprising in Iran which began on 15 November 2019. MEK Iran also released the names of 504 slain protesters.

MEK Iran revealed there have been 400 killed in Tehran Province, another 320 in Kermanshah, 270 in Fars, 240 in Khuzestan, 120 in Isfahan, and 100 in Alborz (Karaj).

The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) said on Sunday that according to eyewitnesses, hundreds of bodies were taken to Namazi hospital in Shiraz during the uprising; however, these are not included in the opposition’s most recent death toll and are being investigated.

Amnesty International said that Iranian officials are imposing a “vicious crackdown” after the outbreak of the Iran Protests, “arresting thousands of protesters as well as journalists, human rights defenders, and students to stop them from speaking out about Iran’s ruthless repression.”

This London-based human rights group said that this group has carried out interviews with dozens of Iranians in Iran who described how, in the days and weeks during and following the protests, the Iranian officials have held detainees incommunicado and subjected them to enforced disappearance, torture, and other ill-treatment.

Philip Luther, Middle East, and North Africa Research Director at Amnesty International said:

“Harrowing testimony from eyewitnesses suggests that, almost immediately after the Iranian authorities massacred hundreds of those participating in nationwide protests, they went on to orchestrate a wide-scale clampdown designed to instill fear and prevent anyone from speaking out about what happened,”

Amnesty International added: “They say that handcuffed and blindfolded detainees have been punched, kicked, flogged and beaten with batons by security forces on a daily basis.”

Reliable sources told this humanitarian organization that in Raja’i Shahr prison in Karaj, Alborz province, hundreds of detainees, including children, were brought in trucks to the prison.

“Video footage verified by Amnesty’s Digital Verification Corps, backed up by witness testimony, shows Iranian security forces opening fire on unarmed protesters who did not pose any imminent risk. The majority of the deaths that the organization has recorded occurred as a result of gunshots to the head, heart, neck and other vital organs indicating that the security forces were shooting to kill.” Amnesty International added.

Brian Hook, the US Special Representative for Iran announced earlier this month that Iranian security forces may have killed more than 1,000 people since protests over gasoline price hikes began in mid-November.

Ambassador Hook told reporters that “as the truth is trickling out of Iran, it appears the regime could have murdered over a thousand Iranian citizens since the protests began,”

It is worth mentioning that the Iranian resistance and the MEK Iran had already revealed the figures and names of martyrs during Iran protests last November.

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