coronavirus' victims

MEK Iran: More Deaths Likely as Quarantine Lifted in Iran

coronavirus' victims

Death toll on coronavirus in Iran.

The Smart Distance Plan in Tehran was the reason why quarantining was brought to an end allowing businesses to reopen in Iran.  Hassan Rouhani, the Iranian regime President hailed the success of the plan because it had allegedly slowed down the infection rate of COVID-19.

This news, it seems, is far from the truth, as other regime officials, including the Chairman of the General Assembly of the Medical Organization, said that there is no way the plan could win. It was only a matter of observing the heavy traffic in Tehran which is much more than usual and will be bringing people far too close for comfort. This will be more the case on buses and subways that with their teeming crowds will be hot spots for COVID-19 transmissions. It has been revealed that public transport use accounts for 25-30 percent, so in no time at all 350,000 people are likely to be contracting the deadly virus.

The Parliamentary Research Center wrote in a recent report that if 40 percent of the population is under quarantine that would lead to 811,000 more people contracting COVID-19, with casualties of around 6,030 people. It also said that if there was less than 70 percent kept in isolation, physical distancing would have little effect on both transmission and casualty rates.

Saving lives is not on the regime’s agenda

Economic security seems to be far more important to Rouhani and regime Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, than saving lives. Added to that is that the regime is only trying to save its face as it was nearing collapse, so it decided to reopen the economy. The daily, Mostaghel, reported that it is impossible to ignore the state of the economy and as there is no end in sight for the COVID-19 pandemic in Iran it will not be long before rioting and violent protests will become the norm.

There is little hope for the ruling mullahs who were expecting to see a quelling of protests amidst the COVID-19 outbreak. Things are likely to get worse rather than better as Iranians start to notice how they are suffering from gross economic injustices, discrimination, poverty, repression, and oppression that are filling their lives.

The Iranian people do have an organized resistance movement that is a viable alternative that is active both within Iran and throughout the world. It is not going to take much more from the present regime as it tries to use the COVID-19 virus as just another one of those excuses it is giving to continue ruling.

Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) speaks out

In her recent Nowruz remarks, Maryam Rajavi told Iranians to rise and be one hundred times more determined and spirited as they actively challenge the ruling mullahs who only represent illness,  repression, and poverty,  as well as sowing the seeds of hopelessness. She says rebelling against the regime is the only way forward and will force the regime to stop its cruel acts against the people. She says the people should be fighting not just the virus, but the ruling theocracy and they shall seek justice as soon as they can.

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