Hassan Rouhani and coronavirus

Rouhani Cannot Stop Lying About Iran’s Coronavirus Outbreak

Hassan Rouhani and coronavirus

Hassan Rouhani continues to lie about the virus outbreak so he can better keep a hold on the powder keg that is developing within Iran.

Iranian President, Hasan Rouhani, can’t stop lying about Iran’s desperate coronavirus situation. Unfortunately for Iran, his refusal to admit the real seriousness of the disease is just going to mean more deaths and misery for thousands.

According to information obtained within Iran by the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK Iran), more than 30,000 Iranians have lost their lives to COVID-19, but the regime insists that it is only 4,869 It is because of this ridiculously low figure that Rouhani is justifying the cancellation of isolation and quarantine measures in the country.

Rouhani claims that Iran is in better shape than Europe

Rouhani claims that the situation in Iran is better than in many of the European countries. Rouhani is frustrated with the revelations by the MEK Iran about the discrepancy in fatality figures. He claims that some people just don’t like the comparison he makes with Europe. There is evidence that even members of his regime are unhappy with the direction the regime under Rouhani and Ayatollah Khamenei is taking.

The problem is that the mullah’s regime has been built on a fabric of lies ever since its inception after the Iranian Revolution. Rouhani and Ali Khamenei are so used to lying that they probably don’t even realize that they are lying. The whole structure of the regime, its ideology, and politics, is not just built on lies, but its power is propped up by a ruthless and oppressive security apparatus that exerts its influence through suppressing any sign of dissent and expression of the truth.

This dissonance is the reason why when there is a huge national crisis on its hands, its natural tendency is to deny that it exists, so putting into peril thousands of the regime’s citizens. This is how Rouhani can boldly say that Iran is better than Europe by falsely claiming that the day’s death toll was only 130 compared to, say, France that lost 987. France’s figures are tragic, of course, but at least the official numbers given by the French government are likely to be correct. No-one has challenged fatality figures in any of the European countries, but there is absolute disbelief when it comes to the ‘official figures’ in Iran.

It also explains why the Iranian regime can order an abandonment of isolation and quarantine measures, while most of Europe and the rest of the world remain locked down to suppress the virus.

The contradictions in the regime’s lies

Rouhani’s decisions and statements aren’t uniformly welcomed within the regime. There is disagreement by some of his officials that it is a good idea to send people back to work. The head of the Tehran Coronavirus Control Task Force, Alireza Zali, says that the impact of the return to work measures won’t be seen immediately, but could result in a second spike in numbers within two weeks as the virus starts to spread again. “Our medical staff members are exhausted and suffering from various issues. Some have died. Some can no longer work. Despite all that, they will have to be prepared for a new jump in this illness. Furthermore, we have not reached a peak in Tehran,” he was reported as saying in a Channel 5 TV interview last Saturday.

An epidemiology expert said that because many people with the disease have not been identified and are hiding indoors, the real peak in numbers is yet to come. He believed that the number of ill and dead Iranians would increase dramatically in the next few days.

The regime fears an imminent uprising

The regime is afraid of an imminent uprising as social discontent rises. The former political and security deputy of the interior minister, Morteza Mobalegh, has admitted to the Arman newspaper, run by the state, that unless the regime handles the present crisis sensitively, it faces an uprising at any time, not just after the virus situation is over.

A great capacity of the Iranians for uprising after coronavirus crisis

Mostafa Moein, a former health minister, has said that the tensions in society that have manifested themselves in Iran so vividly over the last couple of years, will continue to resurface in the short and long term because of the consequences of the inability to deal with the coronavirus.

The mullahs’ regime is at the end of a dead-end road.

The only trouble is that like any powder keg it could easily explode. All it takes is a single spark. Rouhani has been warned about this possibility, but he cannot stop lying. Whether he lies or tells the truth, his regime is facing an end game.

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