Iran regime engulfed in deep crisis

MEK Iran: Mullahs engulfed in Deep Crisis

Iran regime engulfed in deep crisis

Iran regime engulfed in deep crisis

Ukraine International Airlines flight 752 was shot down on 8th January by the notorious Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). Coming so soon after the killing of IRGC Quds Force commander Qassem Soleimani, international suspicions pointed the finger at the Iranian regime – but Iranian aviation authorities tried to portray the incident as being due to a technical failure. However, very soon, the IRGC had to admit that it was an error – it believed that the commercial plane was a cruise missile. All 176 crew and passengers died as a result of the accident.

The response by the people of Iran was full of anger and fury. Thousands of protesters took to the streets in numerous cities across the country. Videos of the demonstrations circulated on social media and the people were heard chanting “death to the dictator”, referring to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Students also took to the streets in Tehran, calling the Iranian government out for its inadequate response to the disaster and its attempted cover-up.

The regime had been working hard in the aftermath of Soleimani’s death to portray an image of national unity. Its propaganda machine had depicted Soleimani as a national hero and that the people of Iran deeply regret the untimely death.

However, the people of Iran were furious. They made it very clear during protests that they do not admire child-killer and top terrorist Soleimani. Billboards with images of Soleimani were torn down and torched and they were heard shouting that their enemy is right at home, not in the United States as the regime likes to say.

The regime, as with all major protests in recent times, has responded forcefully with great violence. Amnesty International has reviewed the evidence of the regime’s treatment of protesters including images, video footage, and witness accounts and it has concluded that the regime has used “unlawful force against peaceful protesters who gathered across Iran following the authorities’ admission that they had shot down a Ukrainian passenger plane on 8 January”.

This situation drew international attention to the situation in Iran. Amnesty International said that repressive security forces were seen firing “pointed pellets from airguns, usually used for hunting, at peaceful protesters causing bleeding and painful injuries”. Rubber bullets were also used. Protesters were attacked, kicked, beaten with batons and punched, and tear gas and pepper spray were used to try to disperse the crowds. Arbitrary arrests were also carried out.

The international community must hold the Iranian regime accountable for its atrocity and violation of human rights demanding a fact-finding mission to be sent to Iran.

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