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Rudy Giuliani and Newt Gingrich addressing Free Iran Rally-2018

Giuliani Issues Statement in Wake of Failed Terrorist Attack on NCRI Gathering

Rudy Giuliani and Newt Gingrich addressing Free Iran Rally-2018

Mayer Giuliani and House Speaker Newt Gingrich speaking at Free Iran Rally- june 30, 2018

On Saturday, the day of the rally, a couple was arrested by Belgian authorities with explosives and a detonator, which they were planning to use to bomb the NCRI gathering in Villepinte, outside of Paris. The couple had Belgian citizenship and claimed to be supporters of the MEK. According to the Belgian VTM news, as cited on the NCRI’s website, those explosives, if combined with a nail bomb, could have caused hundreds of casualties.

An Iranian diplomat from the regime’s Austrian Embassy in Vienna was also arrested in connection with the planned terrorist attack. According to the Belgian Public Prosecutor’s Office, he was arrested in Germany as a contact person to the terrorists.

On July 2nd, former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani issued a statement about the attempted terrorist attack and the subsequent arrests. His statement read:

“All the participants at the “Free Iran 2018 – The Alternative” rally in Paris on June 30, appreciate and admire the fine work of law enforcement particularly in Belgium and France in arresting the terrorists who, according to the Belgian Federal Prosecutor’s office, were planning an attack on the gathering supporting freedom from the theocratic oppressive regime in Iran.

“This accentuates the growing sense that the regime that is the biggest sponsor of terrorism in the world is increasingly weakened by constant large demonstrations in over 140 cities. It is also becoming apparent that Madam Maryam Rajavi and the NCRI pose a realistic alternative to this homicidal regime. Nothing could be worse for these misogynists than a movement seen as replacing them headed by a heroic woman.”

Giuliani was also present and spoke at the annual Grand Gathering of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) on June 30th, where he gave an impassioned speech in support of the Iranian Resistance movement, which includes the MEK. In his speech, Giuliani said, “Freedom is around the corner” for the Iranian people.

Rudolph Giuliani has been one of the biggest supporters of the Iranian Resistance Movement and the NCRI and MEK, and has spoken at several past Grand Gatherings. His statement underlies the growing acknowledgment of the international community that the Iranian regime has weakened under the pressure of the Resistance Movement, as well as the reinstatement of sanctions due to the decision by the United States to withdraw from the JCPOA.


Newt Gingrich who was one of the key speakers at the NCRI gathering also expressed his concerns in a tweet, emphasizing on the fact that the cowardish plot “shows how frightened the dictatorship is of the free Iran movement”.

Former Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, voiced similar sentiments, in his speech at the gathering, acknowledging the regime’s weakness and calling for an end to the policy of appeasement. In his speech, he also urged the resistance, which includes the MEK, to strike now to bring down the regime, and encouraged the international community to support the Iranian people by writing their elected leader and tweeting support of the ongoing protests in Iran.

With regard to encouraging European countries to reimpose sanctions on the regime, he said:

“We need to make clear that whatever money they are making out of the dictatorship is a terrible price to pay for the people for their betraying in every single town in Iran. We need to insist that they join the sanctions once again.”

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The grand gathering of Iran opposition-June 30, 2018

Youth Vow to Make a Free Iran Possible At NCRI Gathering

The grand gathering of Iran opposition-June 30, 2018

Over a 100,000 supporters of MEK, gathered in Villepinte-Paris, to voice support for Iran’s main opposition, and a free Iran- June 30, 2018

On Saturday, June 30, 2018, tens of thousands of supporters of MEK, the Iranian opposition gathered in Paris for the National Council of Resistance of Iran’s (NCRI) annual gathering, this year entitled “Free Iran: The Alternative.

The three-day event was marked by panel discussions about the weakness of the regime and the growing opposition movement, speeches by political figures, government officials, and dignitaries from all over the world, and a keynote address from Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the NCRI.

The unifying message from all of these speakers, who ranged from across the political spectrum, was one of hope for a free Iran and support for the NCRI and the MEK.

Maryam Rajavi addressing Free Iran 2018 grand gathering in Paris-June 2018

The Iranian opposition President-elect, Maryam Rajavi, addresses over 100,000 supporters during the annual gathering of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) in Paris-2018

The event also featured videos, celebrations of the cultural history and heritage of the Iranian people, examples of how the resistance is working inside Iran, and delegations of supporters of the resistance movement. Many members of the MEK were in attendance.

Early in the day, a video was shown from the perspective of a political prisoner facing execution during the 1988 massacre of political dissidents in Iran. In the summer of 1988, 30,000 Iranians, most of them members of the MEK, were executed by the regime. The video, shot from the perspective of one of these prisoners, counted down the minutes until execution.

The Iranian flag played a large role in the day’s events as well, with delegates waving the true Iranian flag, which features the lion and the sun. The regime changed the flag’s center when it took power, but the resistance continues to recognize the traditional flag as the legitimate flag of Iran.

Among the most inspiring of Saturday’s events was the delegation of youth who have recently fled Iran. These youth were represented by a young woman who spoke passionately of the commitment of the youth of Iran to the cause of freedom. Her words were stirring:

“We promise that we will continue our fight to make a free Iran possible,” she vowed.

“We are the centers of the resistance in Iran.” She continued, “The light of freedom will soon shine in the sun of Iran.”

As she spoke, the rest of the delegation solemnly stood behind her holding signs. A small child stood with the youth holding a red flower.

The young speaker took a moment to adjust her veil, but when she continued, her voice was strong.

“I will now ask everyone to stand up, close your fists, say that you are the voices of our friends in Iran. You are the voices of our political prisoners, and hold our flag, and be part of this international campaign, and to condemn the suffering of those in the land of the sun and the lion. To say that we will continue to fight, that we will sacrifice, that we will reclaim Iran and free Iran.”

Mrs. Rajavi has praised the young people who are currently protesting in Iran and urged them to continue their fight.

Delegations from France, Albania, Yemen, Canada, the United States, San Marino, and Arabs opposed to the regime were among those who took the stage during the convention.

The delegation from the United Kingdom was large and comprised MPs from both houses and several political parties.

A number of notable political figures from the United States from both parties gave speeches as well, including Bill Richardson, Rudolph Giuliani, Newt Gingrich, and Louis Freeh.

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MEPs support for Iran Freedom.

More MEPs Voice Support for Free Iran Rally

MEPs support for Iran Freedom.

MEPs express support for the #FreeIran2018 gathering in support of Iran’s main democratic opposition.

As the annual gathering of the Iranian opposition grows near, a growing number of Members of European Parliament (MEPs) and other governmental entities have expressed their support for the event and the opposition movement, of which the MEK is the largest and most well-organized group.


The two most recent MEPs to express solidarity with the Free Iran rally and the Iranian opposition movement are Emma McClarkin and Beatriz Becerra Basterrechea.

Emma McClarkin is from the U.K. and was first elected to European Parliament in 2009. In 2014, she was re-elected to represent the East Midlands as one of its two Conservative MEPs. In her statement of support for the gathering she said:


“The people of Iran want real change from the protests in January. We have seen that you want an end to oppression, that you want freedom and democracy to come to Iran and an end of the oppression by the regime and their security forces.


“On the 30th of June, I’m delighted that the Iranian community will be meeting in Paris. The freedom of expression that you experienced there hopefully will inspire you to express those very real wishes that you have for real change in Iran. We in the European Parliament will be participating. We’ll be watching. We will be listening and we will always be supporting a free Iran.”

Spanish MEP Beatriz Becerra Basterrechea also recently expressed her support for the Free Iran rally. Ms. Basterrechea is a liberal-democratic writer and politician from Madrid. She is the Vice-Chair of the European Parliament’s Subcommittee on Human Rights and is a member of the Group of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe.


In her statement of solidarity for the Free Iran event, she said the following:


“I am particularly encouraged by the role women play in leading many of these protests. I think Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of NCRI, whom I have met several times, is a role model for many women who want to stand up for their rights in Iran.


“From all indications, we can see that after four decades of brutal and anti-women rule of the mullahs, change is about to come to Iran. The people of Iran have said it clearly: We don’t want to be ruled by these fanatics who have ruined the country in all these years!

“I, therefore, believe that the Grand Gathering of the Iranian opposition that will be held in Paris on 30 June can be a turning point towards a democratic change in Iran. So, I urge everyone to come to the rally to join voices in support of a free Iran.”

This year’s gathering is titled “Free Iran: The Alternative” and will he held on June 30th in Paris. The MEK will help lead the discussion on the future of Iran and the need for regime change. More information about the Free Iran rally may be found here.

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Annual gathering of Iran opposition (NCRI)

Voices from the Iranian regime are fearful of the upcoming Grand Gathering in Paris

Annual gathering of Iran opposition (NCRI)

Archive- The annual gathering of Iran’s main opposition, the National Council of Resistance of Iran-Paris, July 2017

As the mullahs grapple with the wave of protests that has engulfed Iran and threatened to topple their tyrannical regime, the Iranian opposition is busy making arrangements for their annual conference that will take place at the end of the month.

On June 30th, People’s Mujahedin Organisation of Iran (MEK) and National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) supporters will gather in Paris. It is one of the most significant events of the year for the Iranian opposition movement, bringing together opposition supporters from across the globe.

There are signs that the gathering is worrying the clerical regime. The regime’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman told the national press that Rouhani held talks with the French government in an attempt to get them to cancel the event. The spokesman, Bahram Ghasemi threatened France, stating “those who give a permit to such gatherings are wrong”, ominously adding, “they themselves will be affected by the consequences as well”.

Ghasemi was not alone in his criticism of the French government. Regime’s National Security Commission Spokesman, Naghavi Hosseini also condemned the French decision to allow the gathering to go ahead. He suggested it was a policy which would put the French government in confrontation with the Iranian regime. Hosseini added, “the MEK is going to harm Iran-European relationships”. Hosseini said that Iran would have to re-evaluate its European policy should the gathering go ahead.

The Parliamentary Research Centre and the Iran-Europe Parliamentary Relationships Group have also written letters to their French counterparts that indicate their fear of Iran opposition’s activities even outside Iran. The letters warn the French authorities of the NCRI’s “hostile moves in France”. They also express anger at the European Union’s decision to remove the MEK from its terror list in 2009.

The chairman of the regime’s Parliamentary Research Centre, Kazem Jalali, accused the MEK of creating a “rift” between France and Iran. His comments were echoed by Mohammadjavad Larijani, the regime’s judiciary International Deputy. He told a State TV program that the regime had expressed its disapproval to the Europeans over their permission of other recent NCRI and MEK events. He also questioned the role the US would have in the gathering.

The comments are one of the strongest indications yet that the MEK’s activities pose a real threat to the existence of the mullahs’ regime. With the parliament, the judiciary, and senior officials of the regime all speaking out against the Paris gathering, the mullahs evidently feel threatened by increasing domestic and international support for the opposition movement.

They are right to fear the protest. It will inspire domestic demonstrations across Iran as the Iranian public see that the international community is ready to support them. The NCRI’s status as a democratic alternative to the mullahs’ regime will receive international attention, as will the NCRI’s President-elect, Maryam Rajavi.

The Grand Gathering in Paris will add to the growing chorus of voices calling for regime change in Iran. The mullahs should be nervous. Their days are numbered.

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Iranian diaspora will gather to support Iran Protests

MEK –  People of Iran Are Deprived of Freedom in all Areas of Life

Iranian diaspora will gather to support Iran Protests

Iranians in Europe and America, will gather in Paris this June to show support for Iran Protests

In Iran, the concept of freedom does not exist. The regime has imposed its standards of behavior, preventing the exercise of free will or choice among its people, stifling their ability to live in freedom.

The Iranian regime is particularly repressive with respect to religious expression. Laws and regulations in Iran are based on an extremist interpretation of Islam and Sharia law. The people of Iran are forced to conform to extremism, not secular law. Iranian law says that any non-Muslim who encourages a Muslim to convert to another religion should be sentenced to death. This effectively makes the free expression of religion punishable by death.

Iran, which is responsible for fully half of the world’s executions, unfairly uses the death penalty to punish non-Muslims in other situations as well. If a victim of a crime is a Muslim, but the perpetrator is not, the perpetrator may be sentenced to death.

The Iranian regime controls its citizens by preventing them from choosing their religion. Muslims in Iran are prohibited from converting to other religions or from renouncing Islam. Anyone who is born into a Muslim community in Iran must remain a Muslim forever. The right to choose one’s faith is nonexistent.

Many members of religious minorities in Iran have been imprisoned for their beliefs. Charges against these people have ranged from “corruption on earth” to “insulting Islam.”

The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), of which the MEK is the largest member, has long stood in opposition to the regime’s treatment of religious minorities and sought to draw attention to their plight. The NCRI and MEK have also sought to clarify that the regime’s interpretation of the  Islamic faith runs counter to the true values of peace and sharing promoted by religion.

The idea that anyone would be prohibited from choosing and following their own spiritual path seems bizarre and abhorrent to those living in a free society, but this is a fact of life in Iran. Freedom of religion is absent in a country where women are not permitted to attend sporting events and are forced to abide by a rigid dress code. Freedom does not exist in a country where minorities are persecuted and those who dare to protest against the regime are shot in the streets.

The clerical regime who rules Iran uses these restrictions to suppress and control the people and maintain its power. These restrictions fly in the face of basic human rights, but despite the pleas of human rights activists, nothing has changed.

The annual Free Iran rally in Paris on June 30th will provide an opportunity for the NCRI to discuss ways to use the resistance movement to help the Iranian people achieve freedom. The rally will affirm the support of the NCRI and MEK for the people of Iran in their desire for regime change.

In the absence of any capacity for reform in the velayat-e-Faqih(the rule of the divine over an entire nation)’s dictatorship, the people of Iran have made it clear that regime change is the only path forward. The regime has systematically oppressed its people for four decades and shows no signs of stopping. The pattern of corruption, brutality, exportation of terrorism, and suppression is beyond reform. The MEK stands firmly behind the people of Iran in their quest for regime change.

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FreeIran Gatheing in Paris.

#FreeIran2018 an Occasion for the World Leaders to Stand with the Iranian People for Freedom

FreeIran Gatheing in Paris.

A young man raise the flag of Iran’s opposition, during a rally in Brussels protesting Iranian regime’s Foreign Minister visit to Brussel.

On June 10th, the Kansas City Star published a commentary piece by Saeid Sajadi. The article, entitled “Real hope for democracy in Iran, but the U.S should help”, called on the Trump administration of offer a message of support to annual gathering of the Iranians in Paris, the Free Iran-2018.

Saeid Sajadi began by exploring the effect regime change in Iran would have on the wider Middle East. He called the Iranian regime, “the most destructive force affecting the stability, safety and security in the region and beyond”.

Regime Change is Within the People’s Grasp

The uprisings which took place at the tail end of 2017 “shook the foundation of the regime”, Sajadi said. Rather than isolated demographic groups protesting their individual grievances, the uprisings united people from all walks of Iranian society. The poor stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the urban middle class and wealthy merchants.

This was a landmark moment for the regime. It had long relied on the unfettered support of the nation’s lower classes. Slogans like “death to the dictator”, and “the game is now over”, will have shaken the mullahs’ confidence.

The rapid spread of civil unrest, which reached 140 cities over the span of a few days, shows two things, according to Sajadi. Firstly, it demonstrates the extent that Iranian society has been harbouring a desire for regime change. The eagerness with which people took to the streets, risking both their lives and freedom, indicates that many held deep-rooted mistrust towards the regime.

The Effectiveness of the MEK

The second is the strength of the MEK’s networks. Sajadi said the scale of the revolts indicates how “deeply the hidden and effective network of the main Iranian opposition force- PMOI, or the People’s Mujahedin Organisation of Iran [MEK]- is rooted throughout Iran”.

What is incredible, is that the group has survived a perpetual attack on its existence by the Iranian government. Sajadi cites the massacre of 1988 when the government executed 30,000 MEK members in a single summer. Yet the group is not only still active but thriving and threatening the mullahs’ grip on power.

As President-elect of the NCRI, Maryam Rajavi, predicted, 2018 has so far been a “year of uprising”. Nationwide-strikes have crippled the logistics sector. Other sectors like education, metalworks, taxi drivers, shop owners, and students have also organised protests and strikes against the regime.

The role of the US

Unable to avoid the will of the Iranian people, the US is beginning to change its stance towards the clerical regime in Iran. On May 21st, Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, outlined 12 areas in which the regime needed to adjust its behaviour. The demands were explicitly designed to minimise Iran’s influence as a disrupting force in the Middle East.

These demands, although intended to limit Iranian power and influence, also provide support to the Iranian public. However, Sajadi argues the US should go further. With Iranians risking their lives in Iran to show the world that they want regime change, the U.S. has the opportunity to support real change in Iran. Lending its support to the Iranian people, in concrete terms, is in the interests of American people, Sajadi says.

He even provides an opportunity for the US to do so. On the 30th of June, there will be an international gathering of NCRI supporters in Paris. Many Iranians living in exile, and Iranian-Americans are set to attend. Sajadi calls on President Trump to offer a message of support at this, or another event organised by the Iranian opposition, to provide solidarity to the Iranian people on their quest for regime change.



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Italian Municipalities Support for #FreeIran2018 gathering

Italian Municipalities Voice Support for June 30th Free Iran Rally in Paris

Italian Municipalities Support for #FreeIran2018 gathering

Italian Municipalities, support Free Iran 2018 Gathering in Paris.

Twenty-two Italian municipalities from the Piedmont region signed a statement in support of the Free Iran rally that is scheduled for June 30th in Paris. The statement was written following a regional Mayors’ council meeting in Italy’s Vale De Susa on Friday, June 1, 2018, in which the statement was discussed and approved by those in attendance.


The statement is an expression of solidarity for the Iranian people and their widespread uprising against the repressive ruling regime. The uprising, which began in December 2017, took place in 140 cities across Iran for two weeks before being temporarily suppressed by the regime. The people staged their initial protests to express dissatisfaction with current economic conditions, but as the uprising spread, the people began to call for regime change and nothing less. Protests were widely publicized with the help of social media, and the international community became aware of the unrest.


The statement by Italian municipalities acknowledged the validity of the resistance movement, which includes the MEK, and declared support for Mrs. Maryam Rajavi’s 10-point plan for democratic change in Iran. Mrs. Rajavi is the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, of which the MEK is the largest member. The statement said:


“We support NCRI’s President-elect Mrs. Maryam Rajavi’s 10-point plan, which is aimed at setting up a democratic republic based on separation of religion and government, gender, ethnic and religious equality, non-pursuing any nuclear program, abolition of death penalty, peaceful coexistence and commitment to international rules and conventions, to ensure democracy, development and progress in Iran and the world.

“It’s time for the international community to put itself on the right side of history.”


The statement went on to express support for the upcoming Free Iran Grand Gathering, which will take place in Paris on June 30th. The annual event is intended to promote the resistance movement in Iran and to support the people’s desire to overthrow the oppressive theocracy currently in power and replace it with a secular democracy.


The statement also referred to the Iranian regime’s massacre of 120,000 political prisoners, including 30,000 in the summer of 1988 alone, most of whom were MEK members. The following is from the statement:


“Amnesty International has regarded the massacre as a crime against humanity, calling for its perpetrators to be brought to justice. According to UN reports, the Iranian regime has the highest per capita execution rate in the world.

“The Iranian people showed the world that they’re more than willing to join their organized resistance and pay the price for democratically changing the ruling dictatorship in Iran and replacing it with a system that is based on separation of religion and politics.

“We hereby express our solidarity with Iranian people’s uprising for freedom and democracy and also declare our support for NCRI’s program for a democratic change in Iran.

“We ask the international community to make its relations with the Iranian regime conditional on the regime’s respect for human rights, and also ask with a loud voice for the release of all political prisoners in Iran.”


The municipalities who signed the statement were  Almese, Avigliana, Borgone Susa, Brozolo, Bussoleno, Caprie, Caselette, Cianocco, Chianocco, Cusa di San Michelle, Condove, Mattie, Mompantero, Novalesa, San Didero, San Giorio di Susa, Sant’Ambrogio di Torino, Sant’Antonio di Susa, Susa, Vaie, Venaus, Villar Dora and Villar Focchiardo.


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Free Iran Gathering 2018

MEK- Free Iran Event on June 30th to Present Alternative to Regime

Free Iran Gathering 2018

The Grand Gathering of Iranians (supporters of the MEK) for a free Iran.#FreeIran2018

Discussions about the Western world’s policy on Iran often fail to consider the will of the Iranian people. Events on the ground in Iran must be considered as part of a comprehensive foreign policy.

The uprising that began late December 2018 in Iran created shock waves, both within Iran and throughout the world. In 140 cities across Iran, people took to the streets with chants of: “Down to Khamenei!” Down to Rouhani!” “Reformists, hardliners, the game is over!” These protests, which continue today, leave no doubt that the people demand regime change. Iranians want a free republic to replace the oppressive theocracy currently in power. Many people in governments across the West were surprised to find that many of the people who were on the streets protesting for change were the same people that they had previously thought of as the regime’s base of support. Iranians from all walks of life are demanding change.

On June 30, 2018, a massive event will be held in Paris. Titled “Free Iran: The Alternative,” this gathering is expected to attract tens of thousands of MEK supporters from all over the world. Each Iranian who attends represents many Iranians inside the country who are protesting for a free Iran. News of the planned event has reached those inside Iran via social media, and people all over the world have sent messages of support. The Free Iran event is meant to be an echo of the protests for freedom that continues inside Iran.

FreeIran Gathering 2018

MEK- Free Iran Event on June 30th to Present Alternative to Regime

MEK supporters gather annually for this event, drawing crowds of 100,000 people in previous years. This year’s event is expected to surpass previous attendance due to the unrest inside the country and because of international events concerning Iran. People are expecting to show up in record numbers to mark the dawn of freedom in Iran and the end of Islamic fundamentalism.

During last year’s annual event, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), of which the MEK (PMOI) is the largest member, said that regime change in Iran is an achievable and necessary goal. Many people (including so-called “experts” on Iran) who heard her message were skeptical at the time, but the recent uprising has proved her to be correct. This year her message will be direct and simple: there is a democratic alternative to the oppressive regime in Iran.

The will of the Iranian people has been ignored and put aside for too many years. The narrow lens of the West failed to account for the reality that the mullahs’ regime requires suppression of its people and the export of terrorism to continue its existence. Appeasement of the ruling regime only serves to embolden the mullahs in their warmongering and fundamentalism. The only way to avoid more war and unrest in the region is to replace the religious dictatorship in Iran and replace it with a secular democracy.

The Iranian people have demanded a free Iran. It is time to heed their cries for freedom and look at the alternative to the oppressive theocracy currently in place. A free Iran is a democratic Iran which honors the rule of law. A free Iran is one in which women are treated as equals to men and are represented in the country’s political leadership. A free Iran is one in which people of all races, ethnicities, and religion can live and work together in peace to build a new Iran on the ashes of the mullahs’ regime.

The Free Iran event is also unique its lack of partisanship. In this era of polarization and division, people from all over the political spectrum will gather together to support the Iranian people’s goal of freedom and democracy through regime change. Dignitaries, politicians, and lawmakers of rival political parties are joined in their support of a free Iran. Among those addressing the rally will be Americans and Europeans, Democrats and Republicans, Conservatives and Christian Democrats as well as Social Democrats and Socialists, as well as Iranians representing their communities inside Iran.

Iranians attending the rally come from different social classes, different educational levels, and different political affiliations, but they will be united in their shared goal of a free Iran and in the bond that connects them with the millions inside Iran working toward the same goal. The unity of the opposition is strong and can lead the country to regime change. Ali Khamenei, the regime’s Supreme Leader has already acknowledged the role of the MEK in organizing the uprising in Iran. Regime President Hassan Rouhani even went so far as to demand that French President Emmanuel Macron take action against MEK members in France, a request that Macron denied. The regime is afraid that the MEK has the power to lead the people to a democratic Iran.

Last year’s rally was attended by over 500 dignitaries from the international community and included former prime ministers, government officials, and Members of Parliament. European attendees included Bernard Kouchner, former French Minister of Foreign Affairs; Rita Suessmuth, former President of Germany’s Bundestag; and the former U.K. Minister of Northern Ireland. American dignitaries included Ambassador John Bolton, Senator Joe Lieberman, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Governor Ed Rendell, and former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

The “Free Iran: The Alternative” event will take place in Paris on June 30, 2018 ,and will present the alternative to religious dictatorship in Iran. Freedom is within the reach of the Iranian people.

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