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MEK Iran: Regime Accountable for 1988 massacre

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(NCRI) and (PMOI / MEK Iran): In early 2021, Hamid Noury, one of the massacre’s perpetrators, was brought to trial by the Swedish judiciary, and survivors have given shocking testimonies about what happened. At the same time, Raisi was one of the members of the death commission.


Today, it is well accepted that Iran’s regime is determined to conceal its nefarious deeds, particularly its heinous historical crimes against humanity. Over 30,000 political prisoners were ruthlessly massacred by the regime in 1988, the bulk of which were members and sympathizers of the Iranian opposition party, the People’s Mojahedin of Iran (PMOI / MEK Iran).

In the 1988 massacre, a fatwa issued by Khomeini

Hamid Noury, a former Iranian jail administrator, was detained by Swedish police in Stockholm two years ago for his role in the 1988 massacre. Noury went on trial in August of this year after a 21-month inquiry, with his final sentence due in April 2022. Witnesses to Noury’s crimes, the bulk of whom were MEK supporters, submitted testimony and offered paperwork and important evidence to the court throughout the continuing trial.

“Thousands of political prisoners are believed to have been massacred in Gohardasht Prison in the summer of 1988, based on a fatwa (religious decree) issued by then-Supreme Leader Ruhollah Khomeini,” political analyst Majid Rafizadeh claimed. None of them had been sentenced to death, yet they were brutally executed because they remained defiant in their convictions and democratic values.”

Many legal experts have stated that the 1988 massacre should be classified as an act of genocide as well as a crime against humanity because the majority of the victims were MEK members who advocated for views and interpretations of Islam that were diametrically opposed to the regime’s fundamentalism.



Ashraf-3 offered details of the 1988 massacre

The trial was briefly moved to Albania earlier this month to hear testimony from seven MEK members who live at the MEK’s camp in the nation, Ashraf-3 because they were unable to travel to Sweden.

The witnesses at Ashraf-3 offered detailed, vivid accounts of the crimes committed in Gohardasht jail during the summer of 1988. The trial was widely covered in the media, especially by a number of Farsi-language satellite networks operating in Iran.

“Noury’s trial in Sweden is solely focused on events in one prison, namely Gohardasht, because that is where Noury is accused of participating in the systematic killings,” Rafizadeh added. However, it is apparent that the massacre in 1988 took place in jails all around the country, including the notorious Evin prison in Tehran.”

Families of the murdered have been urging the United Nations to conduct a wider investigation into the massacre for years. When Ebrahim Raisi, one of the principal perpetrators of the killings, was inaugurated as the regime’s newest president this summer, these appeals picked up speed and attracted greater attention.



(PMOI / MEK Iran) and (NCRI): The court of Hamid Noury After being temporarily relocated to Durres, Albania, is now continuing in Stockholm.

Raisi’s involvement as a member of the ‘death commission’

“Ebrahim Raisi has risen to the presidency instead of being investigated for the crimes against humanity of murder, enforced disappearance, and torture is a grim reminder that impunity reigns supreme in Iran,” Amnesty International Secretary General Agnès Callamard said earlier this year.

Raisi’s involvement as a member of the ‘death commission,’ which was tasked with sentencing the convicts to death, was highlighted, and she claimed that there are calls for him to be probed for his past and current crimes under international law, based on the principle of universal jurisdiction.

Because of the importance of Noury’s case, the regime’s Foreign Minister questioned it in a meeting with his Swedish colleague at the UN General Assembly in September, stating that the MEK ‘manufactured’ the trial’s evidence.

“It is up to the media and the international community to ensure that thousands of families of the 1988 massacre victims get their basic demand: to hold the main perpetrators of the 1988 massacre in Iran accountable for their crimes against humanity, particularly Raisi and the current Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei,” Rafizadeh said.



(PMOI / MEK Iran) and (NCRI): “Ebrahim Raisi has risen to the presidency instead of being investigated for the crimes against humanity of murder, enforced disappearance, and torture is a grim reminder that impunity reigns supreme in Iran.



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