Iran: MEK Gains Popularity

(PMOI / MEK Iran) and (NCRI): Less than 10% of eligible voters cast their vote in the clerical regime’s sham election.


Raisi’s ascension to the second-highest position in the Iranian regime was confirmed on June 18. Tehran attempted to portray this as the result of a popular vote, however, The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), estimates that less than one in ten Iranians voted in the presidential election.

Pompeo described the mullahs’ election

In a speech to the Free Iran World Summit on Saturday, former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo remarked, “I short, very few people actually voted for Raisi.” Pompeo described the election as “taking place at a time when the theocratic regime’s prospects of survival are openly questioned by regime insiders and challenged by a restive, freedom-loving nation.”Following that, the former top US diplomat argued that the US and its allies should demonstrate true support.


(NCRI) and (PMOI / MEK Iran): We must continue to support the Iranian people as they fight for a freer and more democratic Iran in any way that we can. In the end, the Iranian people will have a secular, democratic, non-nuclear Republic.


Dealing with a mass murderer

“Any dealings with Raisi would be tantamount to dealing with a mass murderer,” Pompeo said, adding that “the United States should take the lead in holding him accountable.” This is not just immoral, but also counterproductive.”

Several other speakers at the conference shared Raisi’s displeasure with the notion of accepting him as Iran’s genuine representative.

During the summit, Mark Demesmaeker, a Belgian member of the European Parliament, said:

“The international community’s failure to address Iran’s structural crisis is tragically demonstrated by Ebrahim Raisi’s installation as president rather than his prosecution for crimes against humanity.”


(NCRI) and (PMOI / MEK Iran): The international community’s failure to address Iran’s structural crisis is tragically demonstrated by Ebrahim Raisi’s installation as president rather than his prosecution for crimes against humanity.


Mrs. Maryam Rajavi

“The Western countries’ interactions with the mullahs’ regime have fed a vicious cycle of deception and appeasement,” said Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the in her speech on the second day of the summit.

Ebrahim Raisi was a deputy public prosecutor in Tehran in 1988 when he became a key member in a “death commission” that interrogated and sentenced to death over 30.000 political prisoners. He was appointed as the head of the entire nation’s judiciary thirty-one years later, and the regime’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei endorsed him as the Iranian president two years later.


(NCRI) and (PMOI / MEK Iran): Maryam Rajavi: Khamenei’s objective for installing Raisi is to confront popular uprisings and to gain the latitude he needs for the nuclear and missile programs, as well as for regional warmongering and international adventurism.


Amnesty International statements

In recent years, Amnesty International has issued a number of urgent action statements addressing the destruction of evidence relating to the massacre as well as Raisi’s involvement, and seven UN human rights experts did the same in a broad letter to Iranian authorities last year.

The UN General Assembly passed a resolution expressing “grave concern” about “a renewed wave of executions,” but neither the General Assembly, the Security Council, nor the Human Rights Commission did anything about it.

“The failure of these bodies to act had a devastating impact on the survivors and their families, as well as on the general situation of human rights in Iran, emboldening Iran to… maintain a strategy of deflection and denial,” according to the letter.


regime condemned in 67th

(PMOI / MEK Iran) and (NCRI): regime condemned in 67th.


The mass uprising in November 2019

This trend was especially evident in the aftermath of a mass uprising in November 2019, when authorities shot and killed 1,500 protestors and arrested thousands more, many of whom were tortured by the judiciary for months.


1,500 people had been killed

(NCRI) and (PMOI / MEK Iran): Three officials said that during November, around 1,500 people had been killed.

A special report by Reuters

Reuters confirmed in a special report on December 23, 2019, about the deadly crackdown on November nationwide protests in Iran the death toll of 1500 that was announced by the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI) on December 15, 2019.

Fortunately, in the aftermath of the Free Iran World Summit, support for foreign involvement is increasing, and it is being explicitly framed as a solution for the international community’s previous failures.


Second Day of the Free Iran World Summit 2021

(NCRI) and (PMOI / MEK Iran): Second Day of the Free Iran World Summit 2021: The Strategy of Nukes, Missiles, and Executioner Doomed to Fail.


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