Distribute Narcotics

MEK Iran: Mullahs Regime Officials Distribute Narcotics Among Prisoners

Distribute Narcotics

According to reports By MEK sources from inside Iran, regime officials distribute narcotics among prisoners.

In a criminal attempt to make prisoners addicted to drugs, the clerical regime has been distributing narcotics in various prisons, particularly among detained protesters and political prisoners.

According to reports obtained from inside regime prisons by the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI / MEK Iran), including reports from inside the Greater Tehran Central Penitentiary (Fashfuyeh), Evin, Kashan and Central Karaj prisons as well as, Qarchak women prison in Varamin and, Urmia and Tabriz Women’s Prison, drugs are brought in in large quantities into these prisons, especially after the Coronavirus outbreak. The authorities are exploiting the Coronavirus strict regulations, which bans meetings and any possibility of prisoners exchanging with the outside world, to transfer narcotics into prisons.

A report by MEK sources from Karaj Central Prison says, “Drugs are brought into the prison by prison officials only. These days, due to the interruption of meetings and communication with the outside world, prison officials are the only people who leave the prison.”

A report by MEK from the Greater Tehran Prison states, “The authorities of the Greater Tehran Prison, in coordination with and using drug traffickers affiliated with the prison authorities, have attempted to addict a number of protesters arrested in November.”

The prisoner who has been appointed as the ward master in ward 5 is one of the agents who distribute drugs among the prisoners. He initially offers them for free, and after a few days will ask for money, as the prisoner becomes addicted. Forty prisoners in this ward have become addicted in this way.” Prisoners were told that because they will be serving lengthy prison terms, it makes it easier for them to entertain themselves with drugs so the passage of time will not be noticed and their tolerance in the face of harsh prison atmosphere will increase,” the report adds.

In Evin Prison, “Drugs are easily found despite the brutal inspections. In this prison, there are CCTVs, and prisoners are monitored everywhere they go, round-the-clock. While prisoners are not allowed to move between wards and halls, drugs are supplied, and all of the wards are full of drugs.”

According to the similar reports from MEK sources in Qarchak Prison of Varamin and Tabriz women’s prison, “tramadol” and “methadone” have been distributed widely because of which the prisoners have practically become addicted, and the situation is such that most of the women prisoners are constantly drowsy, and any possibility of protest has been taken away from them.”

The corrupt and criminal elements of the regime in the prisons, who make huge profits through drug trafficking in prisons, have, at the same time, created conditions that lead to the spread of infectious diseases among the prisoners.

The use of contaminated and used syringes among heroin addicts and the use of shared cigarettes for drug users due to the collection of lighters by prison officials has led to the spread of Coronavirus, and a variety of diseases and infections among prisoners.

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