Rudy Giuliani

Remarks by Rudy Giuliani, former Mayor of New York At Free Iran Rally 2020

Rudy Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani: Maryam Rajavi in her very, very brilliant and universal 10 principles, which are completely consistent with the highest values of the United States and similar governments.

Transcript of remarks by Rudy Giuliani, former Mayor of New York, a long-time supporter of the Iranian Resistance on July 17, 2020, addressing the Free Iran Rally 2020 Free Iran Global Summit.

Maryam Rajavi, distinguished participants, and all of us who are gathered here to move forward with a free, democratic, and peaceful Iran. I’m joined, as you can see, by your great representative, advocate, friend, Bob Torricelli, and your equally staunch supporter, Senator Joe Lieberman, two great American leaders and two people who are very, very staunch defenders and advocates of a free, democratic, and peaceful Iran. It’s an honor to be with them and it’s an honor to be with you. And it’s very exciting to be part of the largest virtual gathering in the world, connecting people on Zoom. I can’t imagine it. From 102 countries, almost 30,000 different locations.

The event, most importantly, is broadcast live in Iran to the people of Iran who are living under terror, tyranny, oppression and let’s say to them that this gathering is for them. This is to let them know that their fight for freedom is supported around the world. That there are freedom lovers, both Iranian and of all nationalities, that support you at the highest levels of their governments.

The people of Iran through their protests, starting in November of 2019 and almost continuously every week, every day, have demonstrated the great desire they have for freedom and they’ve demonstrated in a way in which they’ve put their lives on the line. That is a very, very powerful demonstration of just how strong the desire for freedom is in Iran. On the very early day of those protests, over 1,500 people were killed by the murderous regime of terror.

And the people of Iran have made it clear to the whole world that if they could have their way, and they’re going to have it, they would want a free Iran, a democratic Iran, a peaceful Iran, an Iran ruled by law, an Iran where people can practice their religion, and an Iran in which women are treated the same as men. Those are precisely the goals of the National Council of Iranian Resistance (NCRI), precisely the goals of MEK, and they are the goals enunciated by Maryam Rajavi in her very, very brilliant and universal 10 principles, which are completely consistent with the highest values of the United States and similar governments.

Two slogans during the protest I think are vital to show how the people of Iran feel because you can see these signs consistent through many of the 300 or so protests, or more, that have taken place. And it says, “Reformists, hardliners, the game is over.” And then there’s one that says, “Down with the dictator.” Now, it’s one thing for me to say that and to hold that sign here in America or in the United Kingdom or France or Germany or wherever else you are.

It is another thing to hold that sign in Tehran. That’s a mark of death. It’s very likely, very possible, you’re going to be singled out to be one of those people who’s shot down in the street if you oppose the regime. It is surely likely you’re going to be murdered if you support the MEK or any similar movement. There’s just no question about that. And despite that and the 1,500 murders right at the beginning that continues to this day, the protests are not slowing. The protests are not lessening. They’re becoming greater and greater and greater.

“The one organization that has done more than any other entity, including governments, to free Iranian citizens from…

Posted by MEK Iran on Monday, July 27, 2020

As stated in the letter that was signed by the 31 U.S. dignitaries to set forth our belief, we say as a group there is a beacon of hope in this dark landscape. The one organization that has done more than any other, including government, to free Iranian citizens from tyranny and the world from fundamentalist-inspired terrorism, is the National Council of Resistance of Iran, NCRI.

The NCRI strives relentlessly to ensure that hope for democracy and an end to injustice and tyranny remains alive in Iran. Additionally, with continual media outreach, publications, and meetings, it sustains international attention on the ongoing assault against humanity, and may I add, by the regime of terror.

The NCRI is under the leadership of Maryam Rajavi, a woman who has the respect of all of us. She’s been a hero. She is a dedicated leader with a tremendous, tremendous understanding of the plight of the Iranians and what’s needed to bring Iran to a democratic alternative for the regime.

I outlined before her clear program of principles about freedom of religion and of course gender equality, the mere fact that she’s a woman leading a group like this is revolutionary. Can you imagine, can you imagine when this terrible regime falls, and it will fall, and she’s the interim leader, to have a woman as the head of state. I believe it will completely transform a great deal of the Middle East and a great deal of the world.

The NCRI under Madame Rajavi offers us the universal vision of freedom. Going back to the Old Testament and all through civilizations this has been the quest of the human heart, the human soul. And again, that’s illustrated by the fearless people in Iran who demonstrate for freedom even though they can see that their lives can be taken. It happens right in front of them.

The MEK is the main component of the NCRI, and with its network, it’s the driving force for change. And that’s the reason why the regime is singled out for murder.

There are those Iranian apologists here in America and in the West, people who are paid by the Iranian regime, who said the NCRI and the MEK don’t amount to much. They’re a cult. They have very few followers. They have no chance to replace the regime. But then if you listen to the words of the Ayatollah and his puppet, Rouhani, just over the last year, two or three times the Ayatollah and four or five times Rouhani have said that the only threat to their regime, the only organization that has any change to put together a government to replace them, is the NCRI and the MEK.

I mean, it’s amazing they would admit that, but they do. It’s equally amazing that the corrupt Western press suppresses that. I can only attribute that to the power of the lobbying organizations for Iran who have sold their souls to the regime of terror. But we know the truth. And they know the truth.

They know that this organization is a total threat to them, and when they see today this gathering of people taking advantage of Zoom and the new modern methods of communication, and our ability to broadcast throughout Iran despite their best efforts to block us, they realize they have a formidable foe.

They realize and can foresee how this group could easily stand up an interim government that could be a bridge to a permanent Democratic free prosperous and wonderful Iran because the Iranian people deserve that. And the Iranian people can sustain that.

The economy in Iran is collapsing. And that’s a tragedy. No one wants to see that. It’s horrible to see these demonstrations. And the one that sticks in my mind, I know it goes back about a year, but I can’t get it out of my mind, is the man who was standing there asking for four or five hundred dollars

equally poignant and desperate signs. People are starving. Even when Iran was getting a flow of money like the 1.7 billion dollars in cash that I will never understand that was delivered to Iran as the price of the ill-fated nuclear agreement, people in Iran were starving.

And now with the much more effective sanctions that have been in effect since the new administration came into power in Washington, the sanctions have been crushing. And now with coronavirus adding to it, the level of poverty and the level of hunger and the level of pain in Iran is heartbreaking.

The only solace is that this is what happens when a revolution takes place. This is what happened to the Soviet Union that led to the collapse of a much, much bigger empire. All of Eastern Europe. And, tragically, it’s not recognized that this regime is on the brink right now. Particularly with its handling of coronavirus, in which they allowed thousands, 77,000, or more of their people to die, without any help.

The government at one point allocated $1 billion to help the people, which would have been insufficient. And only 30% of it has been distributed. Everybody in Iran knows that the reason that the people of Iran are suffering is not only the sanctions, but it’s also not only coronavirus, but it’s also the fact that they still allocate tremendous sums of money to terrorist groups all over the world.  They’d rather send people to bomb us in Paris or to kill some of you in America than to feed their people.

They’d rather allocate money to renegade criminal groups that want to wreak havoc in Europe or the United States than feed their people. And everyone in Iran knows that. That is why they’re not only religious maniacs, they’re just plain, common criminals. They’re crooks, thieves. When people say mullahs, they have this religious concept.

To me, the mullahs are like the people who ran the mafia, the people I prosecuted who ran the mafia and extorted their people, extorted the Italian American people, and subjugated them, except this is on a much bigger scale. And the Ayatollah is like the head of the mafia. He’s a very wealthy man, the Ayatollah. And I do question his religious sincerity.

No man can be a man of God that is a mass murderer. Completely hypocritical. And then he asks people to sacrifice their life for the cause of tyranny. But does he sacrifice his life? He’s not the one going out there and doing the suicide bombings. Nor are the fat mullahs who are living wonderful lives off the misery of their people. This has to be recognized. And it’s only going to be recognized with the advocacy of a group like the NCRI and MEK. They’re the group that is the most courageous and the most honest about what’s going on in Iran.

Experience has shown that dictatorship doesn’t change on its own. The old saying, a leopard doesn’t change its spots, is quite true. Particularly a dictator. And despite all of the concessions provided under the JCPOA, the Iranian regime didn’t change one bit. It got worse. It continued its oppression of the Iranian people. It continued its march to becoming a nuclear power.

And it continued to be the single biggest state sponsor of terrorism in the world. And since American has ceased to comply with that agreement, has cut it off, and has stopped sending them billions of dollars in cash, the country’s been under maximum pressure. And we’ve got to keep that pressure up to remove the ruling theocracy.

Regime change in Iran is within reach. Don’t listen to the pessimists and don’t listen to the Iranian apologists who are paid to say that. It’s within reach. The same things are happening in Iran that has happened numerous times in other countries.

When we wake up one morning and we’re surprised and we find out, oh my goodness, the Berlin Wall is coming down—oh my goodness, the Soviet Union is no more—Poland is becoming free—it happened over a long period. It happened with the same conditions we’re seeing now. But when it happened, it happened like that [snaps]. And that’s what’s going to happen here.

And that’s the goal of the NCRI and that’s the goal of Maryam Rajavi. It’s very, very simple. The goal is a free Iran that will be a contributing nation to peace in the world, to a better world. This is the heritage of the Iranian people. This is one of the great civilizations that goes back to time immemorial. How much has the Persian civilization given to us? And how much more can it give to us if it’s allowed to be free? The goal of Maryam Rajavi and all of us here is not to impose anyone on the Iranian people. The goal is to see regime change.

There is a shadow government to handle the interim so we don’t have the situation that we had in Iraq several years ago, so the government can continue and the people can start to prosper immediately.

But within less than a year, the goal is to have free and fair elections, to establish a rule of law from day one, to make sure that women participate in the government to the same extent as men, and in society, and that all of you are free to practice your religion as you see fit, or not practice religion, and to immediately end the nuclear program and to make clear that Iran was to rejoin the community of the civilized nation.

That will be interim. And then the Iranian people will decide who do they want, what kind of constitution they want. That’s the goal of this organization and the millions of people that support it, and the people that are watching today.

It’s all going to happen. It’s all going to happen the way I say. We’re going to wake up one morning and we’re going to be surprised that the regime fell. It’s teetering right now. And when that happens, you’re going to have your name etched in that great book of liberators.

And the one whose name will be in the largest, boldest print will be Maryam Rajavi.

Stand with Maryam Rajavi. Stand with Maryam Rajavi. Stand with Maryam Rajavi.

Thank you.

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