past week. Protesters

Protests Resume as Iranians Voice Grievances with Regimepast week

past week. Protesters













(PMOI / MEK Iran) sources inside Iran showed farmers, Municipal Workers, Looted Investors, Nurses at the protests.

MEK sources inside Iran report that people across Iran have held protests over the past week. Protesters are raising long-standing grievances with the regime in a resurgence of the Resistance movement that began in 2017.


Isfahan farmers are protesting once again against the rerouting of the Zayandeh River to Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) factories upstream. The MEK has previously written about the effect of this practice on the once-prosperous farmers of Isfahan Province, who are now left without water to irrigate their crops. This leaves more Iranians in poverty and destroys vital domestic agricultural commodities in order to line the pockets of corrupt IRGC officials.

Farmers in both the provincial capital of Isfahan and the city of Qahderijan held protests on Tuesday, June 9. Footage from MEK sources inside Iran showed farmers on tractors at the protests.

Municipal Workers

On Monday, June 8, municipal workers from the Abadan refinery gathered to protest delayed paychecks and pensions. The protesting workers say that their wages are being held hostage until they sign illegal blank contracts.

The protesting workers stated: “As our previous contract came to an end and the new contract provides even more profits for the managers, the supervising committee is literally resorting to threats and expelling us workers in order to blueprint a contract in which workers are forced to sign ‘white documents.’ This is against the law and our workers have refused to sign such a document.

Due to the workers’ resistance in the face of signing the new contract, the supervising committee is preventing them from entering the refinery. This has left the workers no choice but to hold a protest rally outside the refinery’s central office.”

Looted Investors

Investors gathered in front of the regime’s judiciary office in Tehran to protest the looting of their accounts by regime-backed credit firms. Protesters scheduled the gathering a month in advance to demand the return of savings stolen from them by the Revolutionary Guards-affiliated Caspian Credit Firm, Arman-e Vahdat, Alboraz Iranian, Alfaz Tuous, Thamen al-Hojaj, and Talaye Shadi credit firms.


On Saturday, June 6, nurses in Tabriz, East Azerbaijan Province gathered outside the provincial governor’s office to protest low pay and failure to receive formal contracts. The nurses, who work in private facilities, say that they are treated unfairly as part-time employees.

“I am one of the nurses working in a private company. I am currently providing my service as an assistant nurse and I have four years of working experience. Our wages are not based on Labor Law and we are receiving lower paychecks. In April we received a paycheck of 17 million rials per month (approximately 100 USD).

Most of us have bachelor’s or master’s degrees and we are now working as staff members and assistants because there are no jobs anywhere. We have been wronged far too long. Those who have full-time and official contracts are receiving wages twice or three times our paychecks. We are working more than them but receiving one-third of their salaries,” said one of the protesters.

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