MEK Iran: Sinking of Iranian Ship Latest Regime Coverup

MEK Iran – Sinking of Iranian Ship Latest Coverup.

On Monday, May 11, an Iranian regime ship was sunk during a naval maneuver, killing 19 crew members.

The Konorak went down after another Iranian ship, the Jamaran, mistakenly fired a missile at the ship. State media initially reported that the Konorak was placing targets in the water and moved too close to one of the targets used for the exercise. The Jamaran fired a missile at the target, hitting the Konorak and sinking it.

These reports were quickly altered to provide less information, removing all references to missiles. Television coverage of the incident included distant, undated footage of the Janarak at the port of Jask in an attempt to prove that the ship had not been sunk. Previous statements of fact were replaced with allusions to “rumors,” a common strategy used by the regime to discount information that is damaging to their reputation.

Regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei declared the 19 victims “martyrs,” and the regime-held a funeral for them on Tuesday. That day, the regime’s Army claimed that the disaster was caused by a malfunctioning homing device and was essentially a technical issue. They also suggested without evidence that the downing could have been caused by “electronic warfare by the enemy,” in a dubious attempt to blame the United States for their incompetence.

Downing of Ukrainian Airliner

The regime’s attempts to attribute a disaster to a technical issue is eerily reminiscent of the January 2020 downing of a Ukrainian airliner by two Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) missiles, killing all 176 people on board, which was previously reported by the MEK-Iran. The regime initially claimed that the deadly crash was caused by a “technical error” by the pilot and continued to insist this was the case for three days. They only admitted that the IRGC had fired two surface-to-air missiles at the plane after Ukrainian officials inspected the crash site and found evidence of Iranian missiles. Additional satellite footage confirmed the missile strikes, forcing the regime to admit it had lied. Protests broke out on university campuses across Iran, leading to new calls for regime change.

In March, a think tank close to Khamenei’s faction published an analysis of the coronavirus epidemic in Iran, which cited the regime’s response to the Ukraine Airlines disaster as a primary factor in the public’s distrust of state-media coverage of the pandemic. Despite this clear signal that lies and coverups are counterproductive, Khamenei has continued to spread disinformation about the coronavirus through state media.

Coronavirus Deception

According to official reports, 6,902 people in Iran have died from coronavirus as of Friday, May 15. This number has been disputed by members of the regime’s own Ministry of Health as well as its Coronavirus Taskforce. The MEK places the number of deaths at more than 41,700. Those who have contradicted the regime’s official numbers have been accused of “rumor-mongering” and arrested. Doctors and nurses who are desperately needed in Iran’s overflowing hospitals are among those who have been silenced for telling the truth.

The regime’s decision to prematurely force its citizens back to work has led to the second wave of infections, despite President Hassan Rouhani’s claims that the virus is close to being eradicated. In Khuzestan and Khorasan Provinces, new infections are rising at an alarming rate, but on Thursday Rouhani announced that stadiums and cultural centers would soon reopen. These actions will undoubtedly lead to needless deaths, and those who sound the alarm will be arrested for telling the truth.

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) commented on the regime’s disregard for its people’s welfare, saying: “For Khamenei and Rouhani, the lives and well-being of the people are worthless. They only want to protect their regime from the threat of uprising. The criminal decision to send people to work is a crime against humanity and will cause a countless number of victims of the COVID-19 in Iran.”

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