Khamenei and Rouhani finance terrorism

MEK Iran: Coronavirus an Apparatus in Mullah’s Hands to Fool the World

Khamenei and Rouhani finance terrorism

Having billions of dollars Ali Khamenei Finances terrorism.

According to the Mujahedin-e Khalq (PMOI/MEK Iran), the main opposition to the religious dictatorship ruling Iran, two Iranians die every minute due to coronavirus in Iran and reports indicate that the Iranian regime is preparing some units containing 10,000 graves. What the world is being told about the official figure for coronavirus’ victims is just one big lie.

While Ali Khamenei and the Islamic Revolutionary Gourds Corps (IRGC) control multi-billion-dollar cartels in Iran, Iranian people suffer from the coronavirus crisis.

Carelessly, Khamenei rejects any international aid. Recently, the Iranian regime refused Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) aid. Taking the maximum risk, doctors and nurses of this humanitarian organization rushed to help the Iranian people, but they were quickly expelled from Iran by the mullahs.

While the Iranian regime rejects any international aid, it cries out for the lifting of the sanctions. The Iranian regime apologists and lobbyists try to lift international economic sanctions and pretend that it will save millions of Iranian lives.

On the other hand, ISNA semi-official news agency reported that the Supreme Leader of the Iranian regime responded to the US proposal on the issue of helping Iran saying:

“Americans have repeatedly said that they are ready to help out Iran with medicine. The Americans said that you just need to ask us. This is strange, firstly, you are short of medicine, if you have enough, use it yourself. You are accused of making this virus.”

Rejecting the US proposal to control the coronavirus outbreak, Alireza Raissi, the deputy of the Iranian Health Ministry, said: “We announce that we can help the US to control the coronavirus if the US has such capability it will be better to fix its own health system.”

Putting aside this rhetoric, the reality can be seen through the regime official’s remarks.

Mohammad Mousaed, a former Iranian regime’s daily, Sharq, wrote on Twitter:

“in the past fifteen years, Iran has had more than $1,300 billion in income, four times than that of China during 1978-1995.” “The black holes which have swallowed such a fortune is the main source of Iran’s economic crisis, not the economic sanctions.” He added.

While Secretary Pompeo said the Iranian regime spends $16 billion financings the Assad criminal regime and its proxy forces, how could international economic sanctions be the source of the current coronavirus crisis in Iran?

The main source is the Iranian regime on its own. The world cannot forget the billions of dollars sent to the regime by Obama in cash, but not a penny spent on improving the Iranian people’s situation, particularly health care.

The possible money sent to Iran will be spent financing terrorism and suppression of Iranians, so the people will remain empty-handed again.  

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