Social Media is threat to fascist regime ruling Iran

Mullahs’ Outrage at Removal of Social Media Posts Glorifying Top Terrorist

Social Media is threat to fascist regime ruling Iran

Social Media is a threat to fascist regime ruling Iran

The Iranian regime has very strict social media laws. Many Iranians have been arrested and even imprisoned because of social media activity and the regime has banned numerous sites. However, the regime does not mind the use of social media for its own purposes.

In its attempts to portray the Quds Force leader Qassem Soleimani as a national hero, it has posted pictures and messages on Instagram. The Quds Force commander was killed during a US drone strike at the beginning of the month and the people of Iran have rejected the regime’s glorification of the terrorist that has been involved with and directing the regime’s bloody foreign policies for many years.

The Mujahedin-e Khalq (PMOI/MEK Iran), the main opposition to the Iranian regime, has always regarded the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and its extraterritorial Quds Force branch as the chief instigators of Iran’s belligerence.

Instagram has removed the posts glorifying Soleimani and the regime is fuming.

Iranian officials have commented on the removal of the posts and the country’s media has been publishing pieces about the move. The Keyhan publication which is widely considered to be the Supreme Leader’s mouthpiece published an article questioning the “media assassination” of Soleimani.

Social media rules and regulations are very clear when it comes to posting – any posts or images that are considered to advertise terrorism or related activities are banned. Its guidelines state: “Instagram is not a place to support or praise terrorism, organized crime, or hate groups.”

The article in the Keyhan publication wrote that social media outlets should be helping the Iranian regime spread its voice “across the world”, saying that Instagram has prevented it from expressing condolences and that it “can’t even send a simple picture to a person standing one meter away from us”. It boldly stated: “The leaders of Instagram have sanctioned us.”

The regime’s terrorist propaganda should, of course, be banned. MEK Iran has been highlighting the regime’s tactics for years. Qassem Soleimani has been involved in many atrocities both in Iran and across the region. The people of Iran have highlighted that he is a child killer and Iran’s top terrorist. He has been involved in the suppression of the people of Iran, the repeated attacks against dissidents in Camp Liberty / Camp Ashraf in Iraq, the chemical attacks in Syria, the brutal and neglectful deaths of many young Afghan people that fought on Iran’s behalf, and so on.

Most recently, just like the suppression of the MEK Iran Resistance Units in Iran and the many people protesting in the streets of Iran, Soleimani aided the Iraqi authorities in attempting to quell protests in Iraq.

The MEK Iran re-iterated its warnings about the Iranian regime’s use of propaganda to spread lies. Much to the relief of the MEK, social media has become tougher with regards to misinformation campaigns on their platforms. Last year, almost three hundred Twitter accounts were suspended for coordinated manipulation. Shortly after this, Facebook closed down more than six hundred Iran-backed accounts.

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