Regime Officials Take Desperate Measures to Avoid Overthrow

MEK rally in New York

Photo Archive-Supporters of the MEK rally in New York over Rouhani, the Iranian regime’s president’s Speech at UN-September 20, 2017

Regime officials are sounding the alarm as the possibility of being overthrown becomes a reality. Regime Friday prayers leaders, military commanders, and Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei have all expressed increasing concern about the MEK, the Iranian opposition’s growing influence within the country through their successful use of social media, the inability of the regime’s forces to suppress protests, and the end of the era of appeasement toward the mullahs by the United States.

Imminent Threats

On Wednesday, Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi, Commander of the mullahs’ Army, warned of “imminent” threats to the regime. He ordered his forces to practice war games constantly in order to be ready for attacks that could take place at any time of the day or night.


“The threats today are imminent,” he said. “Of course, these threats are not ground base in the beginning, but our ground forces, as the main axis of all operations, must hold their readiness.”

“All forces must engage their troops in constant war games with the mindset of being ready in the face of a night attack,” he continued.

A Battle from all Angles

Iranian regime Supreme leader Ali Khamenei also made his fears about the coming rebellion known in a Wednesday address to a group of regime loyalists.


Khamenei huging Hassan Nassrollah, head of Hezbollah

Khamenei warned that the “enemy” is “positioning” itself to declare economic, political, and cyberspace war.


He told his supporters: “Today, our enemy is getting prepared for a battle from all angles. I mean they are attacking now, not just being in preparation of an attack, an attack in progress. We could see that against our economy, in the area of intelligence to infiltrate, even in cyberspace.”.

Dialogue is Surrender


The regime’s Friday prayers leaders have joined other regime officials in sharing their public fears about the regime’s vulnerability to collapse. Friday prayers leaders are considered to be the mouthpieces of the mullahs, and their sermons are used to spread Khamenei’s talking points to the people of Iran.


Tehran’s Friday prayers leader Ahmad Khatami responded to regime Foreign Minister Javad Zarif’s failed attempt to open a line of dialogue with the United States with scathing criticism in his sermon on Friday.

“Dialogue is surrender, and surrender is a disgrace. We are facing a mad man [U.S. President Donald Trump]. If we take one step back, they take ten steps forward,” he said.

Khatami doubled down on his words, saying, “It is time Iran’s Internet officials learn that this channel, as it is now, would only hurt the system and has no benefits for us.”

The Rebellious Youth Are the Enemy

Ahmad Alam –al Hoda, the Friday prayer leader in Mashhad, used his Friday sermon to attempt to clarify Khamenei’s comments on Wednesday, in which he said that the “enemy” was taking a “battle formation.” According to Alam -al Hoda, the Supreme Leader was referring to the youth of Iran when he spoke of “the enemy.” The young people of the country are stepping on the regime, he said.

“Khamenei emphasized that we are facing the enemy’s battle formation in the fields of politics, economics, and the Internet,” he said. “This was not a mere gesture or an instruction, it was an order to all regime apparatus, the government, the judiciary, Majlis [regime parliament] directors and etc… to also establish battle formation against them.”

“This battle formation is referring to the inside of the country and is against the rebellious youth,” he added.

“Be aware, Americans and the British who are taking battle formation against us are not like they bring their soldiers into Iran or even their bombers to bomb us from the skies. What we mean by taking battle formation is with forces inside the country that used to raise against our revolution. They are investing in a generation that is rallying in the streets,” Alam –al Hoda emphasized.

Alam -al Hoda called on Iran’s workers, laborers, teachers, farmers, and all of the many others who protest in the streets on a daily basis to “get back their rights, to put away their demands of rights and keep into consideration that the country is at war, an economic war. Forget about job benefits in the factories. Today, everybody has to play a role to counter the enemy…”

Again, it is not clear what enemy Alam -al Hoda is referring to. Should the Iranian people stop demanding payment of their wages in order to confront the youth of their country who are protesting alongside them?

In any case, this most recent plea is a sign of desperation from a regime teetering on the verge of collapse. The Iranian people are protesting for basic rights and payment of months of unpaid wages and against widespread government corruption and arbitrary arrests and imprisonment. The people are asking for the return of their looted savings and for an end to the theft of the country’s wealth in service of warmongering and terrorism.

Regime forces have met these protests with brutal acts of suppression at every turn, and now they are asking the people to simply stop protesting altogether. It is more clear than ever why the regime is failing.

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