Iran protests across Iran

Iranian Workers, Credit Clients, Prisoners Protest

Iran protests across Iran

Iran Protests spreading across Iran, people from all sectors of the society are fed up of the repressive regime and its lack of capability to resolve economic crisis.

Last December, a series of protests began in Iran that rapidly spread across the country. Within two weeks, the widespread uprising had spread to more than 140 cities and every province in Iran. Almost a year later, the popular protest movement continues, mobilized by the MEK and its resistance units. In addition to the ongoing strikes by the workers of the Ahvaz Steel factory and the Haft Tappeh Sugar Mill, protests have broken out in Tehran and other cities in Iran.

Ahvaz Steel Workers Gain Support in Their Protests

Protests in Tehran

On Tuesday, contract workers gathered outside of the city council building at South City Park Avenue in Tehran to demand the demand of their savings. The workers say that state officials embezzled their savings and that their concerns have not been addressed by the regime. They chanted:

“One less embezzlement, our problems will be resolved!”
“We deserve to have our money returned!”
“You lying officials, shame on your disgrace!”
“This incompetent council should be ashamed!”
“We don’t want a list of hopes, we want our money!”
“We don’t want promises, we want our money!”

Credit clients of the Bahman Khodro Company rallied in Tehran on Tuesday to protest rising prices. They also protested the company’s failure to deliver vehicles to customers who had already purchased them.

Looted clients of the Caspian Credit Firm protested outside of the regime’s public prosecutor’s office in Tehran on Tuesday. The protesters demanded the return of their savings by the credit firm, which is known to be associated with the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC).

Protest in Shahr-e Kord

Taxi drivers in Shahr-e Kord in central Iran gathered outside of the Isfahan Province governorate in Shahr-e Kord in protest of regime officials’ refusal to answer their demands.

Hunger Strike in Ardabil Central Prison

Political prisoners in Ward 7 of Ardabil Central Prison began a hunger strike on Sunday. The prisoners are protesting the transfer of a prisoner with Hepatitis to their ward. Authorities moved the contagious prisoner to the ward where political prisoners are held without informing other inmates.

Prison authorities responded to the prisoners’ protest by taking away their telephone privileges. Prison officials have so far ignored requests for information from the inmates’ families.

Inmates at Ardabil Central Prison are housed in warehouse-like facilities without access to adequate hygiene supplies. Conditions in the prison make diseases such as Hepatitis A highly likely to spread amongst the inmate population.

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