Retirees protest in Iran

Retirees Protest Mullahs’ Failed Economic Policies

Retirees protest in Iran

Retired people protest the low salaries below the poverty line in Iran

September and October have brought Iranians from all walks of life into the streets to protest the corrupt regime, as the mullahs’ dictatorship teeters dangerously close to collapse. The regime’s failed economic policies, along with crippling U.S. sanctions, have led to a tsunami of poverty throughout the country. The Iranian regime funds wars and terrorist groups throughout the Middle East, but its own people suffer from poverty, skyrocketing inflation, water shortages, and rampant unemployment.

On October 16th, retired Iranian across the country protested against regime policies that have left them to live in poverty. The retirees protested the snowballing economic catastrophe brought on by the regime’s incompetence and mismanagement, including the alarming rate of inflation and the increase in the cost of living. The economic crisis has been particularly hard on the elderly population of Iran.

According to Jamshid Taqizade, managing director of the National Retirement Fund, Iranian retirees “have lost 67% of their purchasing power and live with hardship in very poor conditions.”


One retiree spoke of how the retirees’ plight has led young people to join the MEK’s Resistance Units. He said, “[O]ur present situation has disastrous consequences for the youths. They foresee no future for themselves. Our condition leaves young people realizing that life is getting worse for them, therefore they choose to challenge the regime by joining the resisting [MEK Resistance] Units and uprise.”

Many of the protesters were retired teachers, who said that their pensions are less than half of the other retirees. One retired teacher said this about living in poverty: “We are fed up with poverty and having no money. After three decades of teaching, our pension only covers ten days of our expenses. What are we supposed to do for the rest of the month?”

Sources report that protests took place in a number of cities, including Isfahan. The retirees chanted: “No Gaza! No Lebanon! No Syria! My life for Iran!”

U.S. Department of State Spokesperson Heather Nauert voiced her support of those participating in the nationwide strikes in Iran, tweeting this from her official State Department Twitter account.

“We are following the reports of nationwide strikes in #Iran. We support the right of the Iranian people to peacefully express their rightful demands. These strikes have a message for the regime: stop wasting Iran’s wealth abroad and start addressing the needs of your own people.”

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