Resistance units in Iran, organized by the MEK

MEK Resistance Units Are Organizing a Revolution

Resistance units in Iran, organized by the MEK

MEK the main engine behind the protests in Iran

An article published in on Tuesday described how the  MEK and its resistance units created the foundation upon which the ongoing uprising was built. The article, written by Dr. Behrouz Puyan, political science expert from Tehran, further explains how the MEK’s resistance units will lead to a revolution that will topple the corrupt regime.
Dr. Puyan believes that the Iranian Resistance is close to toppling the mullahs’ regime and that revolution is imminent. According to Puyan, the Resistance stands so close to victory because of the work that has been done over the past four decades by the MEK.

In Dr. Puyan’s article, he wrote that Massoud Rajavi, the historical leader of the MEK, called for the creation of the resistance units in Iran. With these resistance units, Rajavi established bonds between people working on the revolution from within society and those revolutionaries from the core of the MEK.

This time-tested strategy has proved to be effective in the current uprising that began last December and has continued for the last ten months. The MEK’s resistance units have successfully organized and led protests and strikes across Iran, despite massive efforts by the regime to suppress the uprising. Now, according to Puyan, the MEK, has become the target of a demonization campaign by the regime and its affiliates both inside Iran and abroad.

Dr. Puyan concludes from Iran’s state-run media and quotes from regime officials that the mullahs are concerned about the MEK’s resistance units and their ability to affect the stability of the regime. Puyan notes that the regime has gone so far as to emphasize the importance of other resistance groups, hoping to downplay the influence of the
National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) and the MEK.

Of course, though many other so-called opposition groups have now surfaced, the MEK has spent the last forty years opposing the mullahs. According to Dr. Puyan’s article, the MEK is best equipped to plan and direct the country towards a true revolution.

Dr. Puyan writes that the MEK’s organized structure allows it to influence events on the ground. He emphasizes that the regime has resorted to intimidation tactics, such as an increase in the use of torture and executions. Puyan stresses that these brutal efforts at suppression inevitably accelerate revolution.

As a result, writes Dr. Puyan, resistance units are essential in directing and organizing the revolution and breaking the atmosphere of intimidation at critical junctures.

Over the ten months of the uprising, the MEK has developed and implemented their resistance units. These teams, which now form a large network, are in direct contact with the Iranian people.

Resistance units, concluded Dr. Puyan, are injecting new life into Iranian society and propelling the uprising forward by organizing and leading the movement.

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