Iran’s ongoing nationwide uprising highlights the regime’s vulnerability


Iran Protests and Youth: A Generation Striving for Freedom Won’t Tolerate Oppression.


Protests across Iran, now in their second month, pose a real threat to the country’s ruling regime, according to the United Nations special rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran, Javaid Rehman, who spoke to Newsweek publication recently.

Demonstrations across Iran

“The level of repression and authoritarianism and brutality that is taking place in Iran cannot go on—something will have to give,” said Rehman. “Otherwise, there is a real risk that the people will rise and it will be beyond the control of the Iranian authorities.”

Demonstrations across the country have gained traction in the aftermath of the death of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old woman who was arrested and savagely beaten by morality police in Tehran on September 13 for allegedly violating the country’s strict dress code for women. On September 16, she died as a result of her injuries in Tehran’s hospital. The incident sparked widespread protests across Iran, reigniting the people’s desire to destabilize the regime.



The MEK Resistance Units

Sarah, a 21-year-old political activist and member of the MEK Resistance Units, which supports the Iranian opposition movement People’s Mojahedin of Iran (PMOI/MEK), described the protesters as coming from all walks of life in a “most beautiful and lasting alliance.”

“The people are fed up with this regime,” she told Newsweek. “The extent of the uprising in different cities shows that there is an atmosphere of unity and there is hope.”

“It is a common goal for a common dream of a great nation’s freedom. We have been anticipating and planning for this uprising for several years. Despite the risks, we will continue in this manner until the mullah’s regime is overthrown.”



400 deaths and 20,000 detentions

At times, violent clashes have erupted, with protesters torching security forces’ buildings. According to MEK, the crackdown on protests in 191 cities over 33 days resulted in approximately 400 deaths and 20,000 detentions.

Strikes have been reported in schools, universities, and the oil industry, while demonstrations in European capitals have seen women cut their hair to show solidarity.

A fire broke out at Tehran’s Evin prison, which houses political prisoners, on Saturday. According to Iranian authorities, the fire killed eight people. However, MEK spokesperson Shahin Gobadi told Newsweek in a statement that “at least 30 inmates were killed” and that there have been protests by inmates in other prisons shouting “Death to Khamenei,” showing “that the uprising well into its second month, is moving forward.”



The right of the people to resist and overthrow

“We want the western and the U.S governments to stand by the Iranian people and to recognize the right of the people to resist and overthrow. Right now, this regime has weakened and people are fed up with it,” Sarah added.

Last week, President Joe Biden stated that the United States stands with Iranian women and that Tehran must stop violence against its own citizens who are simply exercising their fundamental rights.” According to the Iranian state-run Fars News agency, Raisi responded by accusing Biden of attempting to “fan the flames of unrest” and referring to the US as the “Great Satan,”

Rehman, who is barred from entering Iran, stated that he must be allowed to enter the country. He believed that an international response was required to pressure Raisi’s government to implement legal and political reforms. These would pave the way for greater rights for women, girls, and religious and linguistic minorities.



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