Iran’s Uprising, With Heavy Clashes Between Protesters and Repressive Forces


Street protests and clashes between the youths and the regime’s suppressive forces.


On the 30th day of the nationwide uprising, the cities of Sanandaj and Divandareh saw street protests and clashes between the youths and the regime’s suppressive forces.

Street protests and clashes

In Kermanshah, the shopkeepers’ strike persisted. The Red Crescent building owned by the regime was burned down in Kerman. The young protesters destroyed a statue representing the government in Saqqez and the Friday prayer office in Fuladshahr, Isfahan.

Tehran saw the burning of large posters of Qassem Soleimani and the Revolutionary Guards. A Qom Basij paramilitary base was set on fire by youths. They torched a symbol of the regime in Baneh’s Prison Square and the banners of Qassem Soleimani and Brig. Gen. Hossein Hamedani in Yazd and Baneh, respectively.



Combat with the oppressive forces

Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi went to Sanandaj on Tuesday to oversee the repression of protests there. The residents of Sanandaj once again held nightly protests on Tuesday and engaged in combat with the oppressive forces. By setting fire to the area, the youths took control of the Behesht Mohammadi ring road and in some places forced the agents to flee.

Evening protests were held in Saqqez, and in Baneh, young people set up roadblocks to block the way of suppressive agents. By honking their horns, drivers demonstrated their support. Demonstrations in Borazjan resulted in fights with the repressive forces.



Nightly protest

Tuesday night, the Vahdat-e-Islami neighbourhood of Tehran resounded to the cries of “Death to the dictator” and “Death to the IRGC.” Death to the dictator chants could be heard from the rooftops in Sadeghieh, Tehran. In Yazdanshahr, young people protesters took control of a few streets. People held a nightly protest in the Nirougah neighbourhood of Qom while yelling, “Khamenei is a murderer, his rule is void.”

On Tuesday, university students in Tehran, Gilan, Tarbiat Modarres, Arts of Tehran, and Noshirvani in Babol chanted anti-regime slogans such as “Dignified students, support, support,” “We will not abandon Sharif University students,” “Iran soaked in blood from Sanandaj to Zahedan,” and “I sacrifice my life for Iran from Kurdistan to Gilan.” They also held protests and strikes, and they condemned the arrest and killing of students.



Students Protests

Students demonstrated in Mashhad, Mahabad, Saqqez, Bandar Anzali, Sanandaj, and some parts of Tehran with signs that read “Iran has become a detention centre,” “Death to the dictator,” and “I will kill whoever killed my sister.”

According to Mehr, on October 11, Youssef Nouri, the Minister of Education, admitted to the arrests and stated, “I cannot give exact statistics of the number of those arrested. After rehabilitation, students will return to school. Some detained students have been referred to psychological centres for treatment in order to keep them from becoming anti-social.”



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