MEK Iran: Baktash Death Underlines the Regime’s Vulnerability


Mr.Baktash Abtin is the latest victim of the regime’s criminal behavior, which has resulted in the plight of political prisoners.


Mr.Baktash Abtin is the latest victim of the regime’s criminal behavior, which has resulted in the plight of political prisoners.Baktash Abtin, a political prisoner who died in captivity on January 8, was the latest victim of the mullahs’ so-called “Chain Murders.” The crimes began in the 1990s and have provoked waves of social unrest as well as international censure of the religious authority. In response, people chanted “death to the oppressors” and “peace be upon Abtin” on the day of Abtin’s funeral in Imamzadeh Abdullah Shahr Rey.

Abtin’s fellows in Evin prison chanted “death to Khamenei”

This has sparked concerns about the crime’s societal implications, with the state-run publication Mostaghel predicting an even greater rise in public demonstrations of anti-regime hostility on January 10. “God forbid that these actions and narrow-mindedness have no other impact but to increase the chasm between the government and the people,” it added.

How does a writer like Beheshti or Abtin, whose only weapon is his writing, represent such a threat that the mullahs order his death to justify the regime’s actions? Even if the regime tries to portray itself as a powerful government, its system must be vulnerable if it is endangered by words.



Baktash-Abtin: In our country, the virtues of perseverance and effort are gone. In this sense, I am certain that I am willing to sacrifice my life today.

This medieval dictatorship will not accept true opposition

Surprisingly, the regime needs to compensate for this frailty by suppressing its opponents, but every time it uses murder to quiet one or more critics, it triggers a fresh wave of unrest and cries for justice. This was true of Abtin’s assassination, as well as the killing of political prisoners in 1988, the suppression of anti-government protests in November 2019, the downing of Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752, and a slew of other crimes committed by the regime throughout its history.

The most significant implication from the regime’s most egregious crime is that this medieval dictatorship will not accept true opposition, even if it comes in the guise of poetry and writing.

There are increasing signs that the Iranian people, particularly the youth, understand how the country’s future should be molded in relation to the clerical system.


He was sentenced to six years in prison in May 2019 on bogus charges the regime uses against dissidents.




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