MEK Iran: Mullahs New Budget will Further Undermine Iranians’ Wellness



The bill was deemed deceptive and inappropriate by the Iranian Teachers Coordination Council.


In most countries around the world, the annual budget is created through a lengthy process including the involvement of politicians, economists, and a variety of other professionals. This budget is established by balancing outsources of income against the country’s expenses in order to forecast the country’s predicted income and any expenses for the following year. A comprehensive and progressive budget prioritizes the health and well-being of its residents while also paving the way for technological, environmental, educational, medical, and exploration breakthroughs.

The way the budgets are made ensures the regime’s(IRGC)

The well-being of Iran’s people, on the other hand, has never been a major budget priority for any of the country’s previous or current governments. The way the budgets are made ensures that the regime’s Revolutionary Guards Corp (IRGC) and allied corporations and organizations, as well as many other regime-connected entities, gain greatly from them.

The new government budget, given to the Majlis by regime president Ebrahim Raisi last week, is divided into two parts. The first is the General Government Budget, which covers government spending, departments, salaries, and development spending. The second is concerned with the regime’s ‘non-governmental’ corporations and foundations, which include the IRGC and the military.

Billions of funds are generated and controlled through these firms and organizations, all of which are utilized purely by the regime to export terrorism and repress the Iranian population. These foundations, predictably, enjoy tax exemptions and are never audited for their income and expenses.


Iranian teachers

A depth look at these foundations. The information below are excerpts of NCRI-US office book “The Rise of the Revolutionary Guards’ Financial Empire.”


 only1/3 of the budget this year is allocated to public

The government proposed a 930 trillion rial budget for the IRGC, in Raisi’s 2022-2023 budget proposed bill, which was presented to parliament on Sunday. Last year, the figure was 380 trillion rials, up from 240 trillion the year before. The state-run Hamdeli newspaper reported on December 13 that the Broadcasting Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRIB) has been allotted 5,200 trillion rials from the national budget.

When compared to the amount in the 2019-2020 budget, which was 3,300 trillion rials, the current amount has increased by 56 percent, more than four times the increase in Iran’s minimum wage, which is currently at 10%. Only one-third of the regime’s budget for the coming Persian year (2022-2023) has been set aside for public expenditures, which are riddled with ambiguities and inconsistencies.



Ghalibaf Majles speaker confessed that the government does not have a long-term strategy. “Unfortunately, we are living by the day-to-day strategy.


The expectations of the Iranian people have been largely ignored in Raisi’s budget for 2022-2023. According to the state-run ILNA News Agency, the government has entirely ignored the previous year’s inflation rates.” All of these issues indicate that inflation will rise in 1401, and the expenses created in next year’s budget will be added to people’s living expenses,” they stated.

The military’s financial allotment is also considerably raised in next year’s budget, which will only lead to further domestic oppression and the ongoing export of terrorism overseas. The regime’s nefarious actions will continue as usual, with the IRGC receiving a significant budget allocation.

Meanwhile, budget forecasts show that the regime intends to raise taxes on Iranian citizens, the majority of whom live in poverty and fight every day to meet their basic requirements and maintain their families. Ebrahim Raisi’s budget and its implications will serve as a catalyst for the Iranian people to finally put an end to the regime and install a democratic administration.

US State Department: Iran’s regime continued terrorist activities.




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