Arresting MEK supporters and families

Political activists continue to be arrested by Iranian regime’s security forces

Arresting MEK supporters and families

The Iranian dictatorship has recently started arresting families of the MEK activists, in fear of an upcoming uprising-November 2020

Tension in Iran is mounting and the Iranian regime is very worried about the potential of another major uprising sweeping across the country.

Security forces across the country have been ordered to target former political prisoners and people with family ties to the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI / MEK).

Furthermore, the Iranian regime is using the Coronavirus health crisis to control the people and suppress them further. Around 150 cities and countries have been shut down and the regime is hoping that this will limit the possibility of protests, or at least keep them contained and easier to extinguish.

The PMOI / MEK has been reporting on the situation and providing information about some of the arrests that have taken place. One of those arrested was 27 years old Pouria Vahidian who lives in Tehran. Pouria has previously spent time in prison between 2018 and May this year. He is related to MEK martyr Saeed Moghimi who was killed by the regime in 1988.

Sina Zahiri and Hamid Sharif were arrested at the beginning of November in Tehran and were transferred to the notorious Evin Prison. Zahiri has previously been sentenced to five years imprisonment because of his support for the MEK. Sharif has also served time in prison on political charges.

Over the past few weeks, the people of Iran have been marking the first anniversary of the November 2019 protests. They have been making it clear to the regime that the 1,500 people that were killed by suppressive forces during the protests have not died in vain and they have vowed to continue resisting.

MEK’s Internal Network Honor Victims of November 2019 Protests Across Iran

During numerous activities carried out across Iran to mark the first anniversary of last year’s uprising, the people, in particular rebellious and courageous young people and members of the MEK’s Resistance Units have been calling the regime out for its corruption, its suppression and its greed. They have made it very clear that they will continue to fight for freedom until the regime finally falls.

The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) is calling on human rights organisations and the United Nations to take urgent and immediate action in order to secure the release of political prisoners in Iran and to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe, especially during this terrible pandemic. The NCRI calls on the international community to set up a commission that investigates the state of prisons in Iran, visiting jails and meeting with prisoners, in particular political prisoners.

Political prisoners continue to be badly mistreated by the regime, with many being severely tortured – both mentally and physically. Other methods of torture and cruelty are routinely experienced by political prisoners, such as forced confessions, the denial of urgent medical attention and the withholding of essential medication, the refusal of visitors, and so on. The situation continues to degrade and the international community must act and hold the Iranian regime accountable for its crimes. The regime has enjoyed impunity for far too long.

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