‘Severe Punishment’

MEK Iran: Lawmakers Order ‘Severe Punishment’ for Protesters

‘Severe Punishment’

(PMOI / MEK Iran): Iranian regime leaders are in a dire crash because of the continuing popular uprisings in Iran. They are trying to restore the morale of their forces. But it will be a worse defeat for them.

On November 8th, Tabnak, one of Iran’s state-run websites, said: “those who, in any form, with a cold weapon or firearm or any other means cause fear, panic, threats, coercion in public and private places, public and private spaces, with knives, clubs, machete, weapons with vehicles or on foot, individually or collectively commit such crimes will be severely punished under the Islamic Penal Code and such crimes will be tried out of turn, even on holidays.”

The words above were broadcast as a proposal initiated by 53 members of Iran’s’ parliament. It was called ‘Plan to intensify the punishment of those who threaten the people.’’ This suggestion has been submitted to Iran’s parliament for approval.

The punishment for anyone arrested for carrying a weapon is a ‘severe punishment’ such as execution and each case will be dealt with straight away so a verdict is issued and the case is closed.

Iran’s bloody days have not gone

This sort of talk is akin to the brutal ISIS-like culture while it also takes the reader back to the 1980s, when thousands of the regime’s opponents, including many from the People Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI / MEK Iran), were slaughtered for opposing the regime. Many of the dead were buried in unmarked graves kept secret from the relatives.

Comments made by the regime were:

  • Mohammad Mohammadi Gilani, one of the regime’s prosecutors, said: “shoot those who are protesting armed in the street right next to the wall. The injured bodies of such thugs should not be taken to the hospital but should be killed. Kill as severely as possible, hang them in the most disgraceful manner, and cut off their right arm and left leg.”
  • Hossein Mousavi Tabrizi said: “the captives must be killed; the wounded must be wounded more to be killed. Whoever stands against the system is sentenced to death.”

The reason why the parliament is being asked to accept that brutal measures would be taken against anyone involved in dissent is that:

  • the regime fears the rise of a youthful armed force, who will uproot the regime at gunpoint;
  • revenge against rebellious youth;
  • the current explosive nature of the society which could lead to an uprising bigger than November 2019.

Article 183 of the Islamic code states that:

“Whoever takes up arms to intimidate and deprive the people of their freedom and security is a Mohareb and the enemy of God.”

Article 186 says: “Any organized group that rises up against the Islamic government as long as its center remains, all its members and supporters, who know the position of that group or organization and are effective in advancing its goals are Moharebs, although they do not participate in the military branch.”

The problem with the regime is that these laws do not work anymore and they do not frighten the youth.

Opposition activists (PMOI / MEK Iran), constantly argue that Iran’s people and youth have realized that there is only one way to counter the coercion and crimes of the regime’s despotic rule. They need to be armed themselves so that the perpetrators of repression can be punished.

In the end, the draconian laws passing through the parliament so as to inflict the most severe punishment on armed people will likely enrage Iranian youth who will be encouraged to be more active and join the MEK resistance units for promoting regime change.

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