treat it poses to regime’s survival

MEK Iran: Regime’s attempts to demonise opposition testifies to the extent of the treat it poses to regime’s survival

treat it poses to regime’s survival

The progresses the opposition has made and the increased international support the MEK is gathering.

The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI / MEK Iran) is the main opposition to the Iranian regime, and indeed the only viable alternative. It has widespread support in both Iran and around the world. Its goal is to bring democracy to Iran and restore the human rights that have been so brutally stripped from the people of Iran.

Every year, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) organizes the Free Iran gathering. It is always a massive success and this year was no different despite the fact it was held online because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Foreign policy experts and political dignitaries participate in the event every year and support the (PMOI / MEK Iran) in its goals. They also voice their support for the people of Iran in their quest for freedom from the regime.

This event is clearly a huge blow to the regime, even more so with every year that passes because of the progress the opposition has made and the increased international support the MEK is gathering.

The Iranian regime has tried to discredit the opposition on countless occasions in the past, initiating massive disinformation campaigns. Often these campaigns have been started by the regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security. The intensity of the disinformation campaigns proves only how much of a threat the MEK is to the Iranian regime’s survival.

However, the Iranian regime lacks coherence when it starts to talk about how unpopular the MEK is, saying that it has very few followers in the country and that it is a “forgotten group”. Such claims are nonsensical because why would the regime go to so much effort to try and silence a group that does not pose any threat?

The regime is trying, more than anything in its demonization campaigns, to dissuade the international community from lending support to the MEK. It does this by describing the MEK as a “cult” and it is something that Western media outlets have picked up on and repeated. However, these media outlets are being worryingly negligent and many of the speakers at the Free Iran gathering last month said that they must be held accountable for playing into the regime’s hands and for failing to carry out the most basic of journalistic investigations before publishing such untruths.

Years ago, many failed to see the true nature of the regime, but it is now becoming more and more difficult to miss. Events like the Free Iran gathering and the activities carried out by the opposition are bringing to light the many crimes carried out by the Iranian regime.

The Iranian Supreme Leader has been very concerned about the influence of the MEK inside the country and he has recently been directing his underlings on how to deal with future protests that have been brewing. There is no doubt there is going to be another uprising – it is just a question of when. It could happen at any time and it could be the one that finally pushes the regime over the edge.

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