Violation of HR in Iran

Human Rights Monitor Iran May 2020

Violation of HR in Iran

International Human Rights organization reports on gross violation of Human rights in Iran.

Iran continues to be a world leader in per capita executions. April 2020 saw an escalation in executions with 32 individuals executed. The total included ethnic minorities, juvenile offenders, and convicts with drug crimes.

A number of those executed followed prison protests and breakouts. These were due to inmates’ fear of exposure to Covid-19.

Also in the list of executed prisoners was a political prisoner who escaped from Saqez prison, 53-year-old Mostafa Salimi. Also executed against protests from human rights groups was the young convict, Shayan Saeedpour. Like Mostafa Salimi, he was rearrested after his escape from the prison. It was suspected by Amnesty International that the executions of recaptured prisoners were a deliberate attempt to scare other prisoners from attempting to escape.

Other people executed in Iran during April included:

  • convicted murderer, Majid Esmailzadeh in Ardabil prison;
  • alleged child offender, Sina Mohammadi;
  • Denial Zeinolabedin, beaten up in Miandoab prison, then executed. Zeinolabedin had been transferred from Mahabad prison after taking part in a protest at the prison because of conditions at the prison being unhealthy and dangerous in the full heat of the Covid-19 outbreak;
  • in Sanandaj prison, Abdul Vahed Faizi and Ramyar (Payam) Mokhless were executed despite it being in Ramadan on April 24th;
  • Ramiyar Mokhles and Abdulvahed Feizi were also executed at Sanandaj prison;
  • in Borujerd and Hamedan prisons, Soleiman Mirzayi and Vahed Rostamzadeh were executed;
  • in Zahedan, Abul Baset Dahani was executed, a member of the Baluchi ethnic group;
  • In Tabriz Central prison, Shahram Baygan was executed.

According to Amnesty International, Iran carries out a third of all the world’s executions. It is the world’s second-largest executor after China and the world’s largest executor of juvenile offenders and minors.

The Iranian regime uses execution as a tool to suppress and intimidate the Iranian people, many of whom live below the poverty line and are mostly without rights, freedom of expression, or jobs.

The Iranian Resistance and Mujahedin-e Khalq (PMOI/MEK Iran) have repeatedly called on all international human rights organizations and personalities to protest against the UN Human Rights Council’s decision. MEK Iran also urges the Secretary-General of the United Nations and the UN Human High Commissioner for Human Rights to appoint a Special Representative to monitor human rights violations in Iran and not allow countries that abuse human rights to take internationally recognized human principles hostage.

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi said on Twitter:

“I urge the UN Secretary-General, the UN High Commissioner for #HumanRights, the Human Rights Council and other international organizations to take urgent action to secure their release and send an international delegation to visit Iran’s prisons and the prisoners.”

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