Arms Embargo

Iran International Arms Embargo Must Be Extended

Arms Embargo

It is necessary to extend the International arms embargo on the Mullahs Regime.

Mullahs are desperately trying to either ease or lift the International sanctions to Continue their bloody dictatorship.

Recently, the arms embargo on Iran regime has turned the main topic for issues related to this country. In 2015, the US-led the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to impose an arms embargo on the mullahs according to provisions of the nuclear deal with Iran, JCPOA.

The Nuclear deal was supposed to neutralize the mullahs’ threats to peace and stability in the Middle East. However, the Ayatollahs avoided abiding by the international accord despite uncountable economic and political privileges that the Obama administration granted them.

The Iranian regime was obligated to destroy the original components of its nuclear facility under the JCPOA. But, surprisingly, On January 22, 2019, Ali Akbar Salehi, the head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran revealed his government had hidden and duped the International Atomic Energy Agency’s inspectors.

Salehi told the state-run T.V. Channel Four:

“When our team was in the midst of the negotiations, we knew that [the Westerners] would ultimately renege on their promises,”

“There are tubes where the fuel goes. We had bought similar tubes, but I could not declare this at the time. Only one person in Iran knew this. We told only the top man of the regime [Khamenei],” he added.

The head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran revealed:

“When they told us to pour cement into the tubes… we said: ‘Fine. We will pour.’ But we did not tell them that we had other tubes. Otherwise, they would have told us to pour cement into those tubes as well. Now we have the same tubes,”

These remarks along with the previous attempts of the Iranian regime for achieving nuclear weapons since 1986 demonstrate that the mullahs have always been hiding and continuing to cover the Possible Military Dimensions (PMD) of their nuclear program.

Suppressing Iranian uprising by heave weaponry

Over the past four decades, the Iranian regime continuously faced public protests in its oppressive rule. The regime, however, has responded to any cry for fundamental rights and basic freedoms with blind violence. The evidence disclosed that state the Iranian security forces used helicopters and heavy weaponry to kill protesters. As a result, just in the last November uprising in Iran, based on MEK Iran resources more than 1,500 protesters were killed, and 4000 were injured by the regime and at least 12,000 were arrested.

Shooting down a Ukrainian Airliner in last January, that killed all 176 passengers on board is another example of using conventional weapons by this cruel regime.

For years, the mullahs’ regime has been sending weapons of mass destruction to its proxy forces, across the region including the Hezbollah terrorist group, which has become more limited with the start of UN sanctions, but can be exacerbated by the lifting of sanctions. This is another reason for extending the Iran arms embargo.

While mullahs Ayatollahs are planning for more missile cities under the shadow of the coronavirus crisis, and the Iranian regime

is the main element for destroying regional and international peace and security it is essential, more than ever to extend Iran arms embargo?

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