NBC fake news about MEK

NBC’s anti-MEK article challenged again

NBC fake news about MEK

Iranians condemn the NBC fake news about MEK

Earlier this month, NBC News published an article about the Iranian opposition group Mujahedin-e-Khalgh of Iran (PMOI/MEK), which contained so many false and long-disproved allegations that it was an affront to the notion of journalism.

The MEK is known around the world as the main opposition to the terrorist and criminal regime of the mullahs, championing democracy and freedom in Iran, but the article claimed that the MEK was a terrorist organization with ties to Marxism that is not popular within Iran.

Let’s deal with those baseless claims, which are ripped straight from the propaganda machine of the Iranian Regime and only empower the regime’s terrorist activities against MEK members, right now.

First, the MEK is not a terrorist organization. This is something that was proven in the highest courts of law within the US and the EU after the MEK wrongfully ended up on terrorism lists there in an attempt by the West to appease the Regime. The MEK is not on the terrorist watch lists of any of these nations now, but several of the Regime’s organizations are.

In fact, during the MEK’s 2018 Free Iran gathering in Paris, the Iranian Regime’s agents, including a diplomat was caught attempting to bomb the meeting, which was attended by 100,000 people. Thankfully, it was foiled by European authorities.

On the website of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) Hossain Jahansouz, Ph.D., wrote: “The Iranian regime is the true terrorist in this story. They continually arrest innocent citizens, dual-nationality citizens, and foreigners based upon false allegations of spying. NBC News should focus efforts on the stories of these individuals instead of spreading fake news about MEK.”

Jahansouz continued: “It is important for NBC News to focus on the facts and provide accurate information to the public regarding the current Iranian regime’s terrorist activities, and support organizations like MEK that seek to overthrow the Iranian government and bring the country into a time of modernization and peace.”

Second, the MEK is supported by the Iranian people and their diaspora, which is the reason that the MEK-led Iranian uprising is going strong, why the MEK’s gatherings across the world have so many attendees, and how the MEK get the money needed to keep going.

Third, the MEK is not a Marxist organization. When MEK leaders were imprisoned by the Shah in the 1970s, Marxists usurped the party, but upon the release of the sole surviving MEK member Massoud Rajavi in 1979, the Marxists were kicked out and the organization restored.

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