MEK supporters rally in Canada

MEK Releases List of Political Prisoners in Regime Custody and Calls on UN to Investigate

MEK supporters rally in Canada

Supporters of MEK stage a rally in Ottawa Canada, asking for the human rights organizations to intervene and put pressure on the Iranian dictatorship to free all political prisoners.

On Friday, April 19, Mahmoud Alavi, Iran’s Minister for Intelligence, boasted of the Iranian regime’s progress in quashing dissent and silencing the Iranian opposition. He claimed that the regime’s intelligence agency (MOIS) and the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) had “dealt with” 116 resistance cells belonging to the People’s Mujahedin Organisation of Iran (MEK).

In a statement, the MEK responded by asserting that the regime has arrested many more MEK members than the regime has claimed. It called on the regime to publish the names of all those arrested last year. The MEK published the names of 28 members currently in regime custody. It also called on the international community to take steps to secure their release.

The Iranian opposition’s President-elect Maryam Rajavi called on the UN to establish an international delegation that could enter Iran and visit the 28 named prisoners. From there, they could work to secure the prisoners’ release.

2018 Was a Year of Protests

2018 was a landmark year for the Iranian opposition and the MEK. It began with a nationwide uprising, in which public protests spread to all 31 of Iran’s provinces and every major town and city.

Protestors were demonstrating against the Iranian regime’s economic mismanagement and corruption. They chanted slogans like “down  with the dictator”, “Down with the Supreme Leader” and “Khamenei, shame on you!”

The regime arrested thousands in the wake of the protests. At least 14 protestors died in regime custody after being subjected to torture and inhumane conditions.

The Names of the Brave Iranian Political Prisoners

These are the names of the brave protestors currently languishing in regime custody.

  1. Farshad Etemadifar, 24, Gachsaran, June 2018
  2. Omid Javid Nasab, 20, Gachsaran, June 2018
  3. Farshad, 21, Gachsaran, June 2018
  4. Farshid Baharan, 21, Yasouj, Khordad 2018
  5. Mehrzad Baharan, 27, Yasouj, June 2018
  6. Amir Ramin Fard, 38, Tabriz, June 2018
  7. Shahyad Ghanavati, 32, Ahvaz, September 2018
  8. Afshin Barzegar Jamshidi, 29, September 2018
  9. Majid Mahmoudian, 37, Tabriz, September 2018
  10. Mohammad Reza Hasan Maleki, 33, Semnan, October 2018
  11. Zarir Hadipour, 56, Kohdasht, October 2018
  12. Farhang Khorshidi, 41, Kohdasht, October 2018
  13. Alireza Barzegar, 40, Karaj, October 2018
  14. Pouriya Vahidian, Tehran, November 2018
  15. Manoochehr Farhadi, 50, Isfahan, February 2019
  16. Seyyed Mehdi Vafaie, 35, Tehran, February 2019
  17. Hossein Noori Derakhshan, 36, Tehran, February 2019
  18. Hamid Kashani, Ghaemshahr, February 2019
  19. Vahid Bani Ameriyan, 26, Tehran, March 2019
  20. Pooya Ghobadi, 26, Tehran, March 2019
  21. Sina Zahiri, 36, Tehran, March 2019
  22. Mohsen Farid, 44, Tehran, March 2019
  23. And 24. Parsa Sedighi Hamedani, 22, with her sister, Urmia, March 2019

25. Ebrahim Khalil Sedighi Hamedani, Urmia, 60, March 2019

26. Afshin Shahsavari, 27, Tehran, March 2019

27.Abbas Shahbazi, 41, Ahvaz, March 2019

28. Najah Anvar Hamidi, 60, Ahvaz, March 2019


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