Golestan Province ten days after flooding-March 2019

More Rain Forecast while Victims of Precious Flood Struggle to Recover without Aid from Regime

Golestan Province under water, after the flooding.

It has been more than ten days since deadly floods devastated the northern province of Golestan, and some areas are still covered in water. According to Iran’s Meteorological Organization, more rain is heading for the area over the next few days, which could cause even more flooding in the province.

Heavy rain and flooding have also been forecast in western Iran and some parts of central Iran.

The state-run ISNA News Agency quoted the head of the Meteorological Organization, who predicts that thunderstorms will cause rivers which are already swollen from the previous floods to overflow and flood again. He also predicts that the rain will cause flooding in the provinces of Zanjan, Qazvin, Tehran, Gilan, and Semnan on Sunday afternoon and Monday.

Additional reports on other news agencies warned of impending heavy rainfall in Lorestan and Markazi Provinces in western Iran.

No Aid from the Regime

In Aqqala, Golestan Province, some areas are still underwater. Residents in the area report that local officials are saying they have to wait for the water to “vaporize.”

Residents who have seen their homes destroyed by the floods say that the regime has not provided needed assistance. The only aid they have received has come from their fellow citizens.


Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the leader of the Iranian opposition, issued a statement earlier this week urging the people of Iran, especially the youth and MEK Resistance Units, to “rush to the aid” of the flood victims and their families.

Iran’s Red Crescent

Numerous sources also report that Iran’s Red Crescent, which is affiliated with the regime, has warned the public, that citizens who provide aid without going through the government will face arrest. The regime has also refused to allow international donations that are not funneled through the Red Crescent, an organization that is known for diverting funds meant for disaster victims to other regime projects.

Regime officials have faced scorn and ridicule from locals when they have visited flood-ravaged areas with camera crews and provided no actual assistance to those in need.

Social Media Coverage of the Flood

Videos on social media paint a grim picture of the carnage wreaked by the flood. Several videos show citizens searching for bodies in the floodwaters.

In another video, a young mother in the city of Shiraz said that she had no diapers or clothes for her baby. She said, “We don’t have any warm clothes for the nights and we freeze.”

Another mother standing next to her said that the regime has been absent from the flood relief effort and she has had to depend on the people for aid.
“My son is sick. His eyes are infected, but they don’t bring any medicine for him. His leg has become infected, but they don’t bring any ointment,” she said.

Shiraz was hard hit by the floods. Local and eyewitness reports say that at least 150 people perished during flash flooding at the city’s Quran Gate. The regime continues to claim that 19 people died in the floods.


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