zarif meeting Hezbollah leader

Zarif Rants against MEK after Series of Large Protests in Europe Leave Regime Fuming

zarif meeting Hezbollah leader

Archive photo-Javad Zarif meeting with Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of the terrorist group, Hezbollah

On February 17th, Iranian regime Foreign Minister Javad Zarif went on an off-topic rant against the MEK in an interview at the site of the Munich Security Conference. His remarks came at the end of a ten-day period of protests and demonstrations by the MEK and the Iranian Resistance in opposition to the regime and its 40 years of human rights abuses of its people and terrorist actions across the world.

The following is a timeline of those events:

Demonstration in Paris

On February 8th, the MEK and the Iranian Resistance rallied in Paris in recognition of the 40th anniversary of the people’s revolution in Iran that overthrew the Shah’s monarchic regime.

Demonstration in Warsaw

On February 13th and 14th, the MEK and Iranian Revolution held a two-day demonstration in Warsaw, which was scheduled to coincide with the international security summit on the future of Middle Eastern policy taking place at the same time. The conference was primarily focused on Iran’s role in creating instability in the region, and the protesters used the occasion to call attention to the regime’s human rights abuses of its own people, as well as to urge the policymakers at the conference to recognize the right of the Iranian people to overthrow their oppressors and create a free Iran.

Demonstration in Munich

On February 17th, the Iranian Resistance and the MEK organized yet another protest in Munich. This protest was scheduled to coincide with the annual Munich Security Conference, at which Zarif was a participant. The protesters demanded that Zarif be expelled from the summit because of his role in the Iranian regime’s terrorist activities.

Protests of this magnitude held in a single month in three different countries by an organized opposition group are exceedingly rare.

Zarif Loses His Temper

Finally, on February 17th, while attending the Munich Security Conference, Zarif was interviewed by a news outlet as protests raged outside of the conference. Unable to control his temper any longer, Zarif ignored the questions about the regime’s terrorist activities in Europe and instead lashed out at the MEK and Iranian Resistance in an angry rant that defied diplomatic protocols.

Zarif’s outburst clearly arose from his anger and fear at the series of well-organized protests by the MEK, which the regime considers an existential threat. Zarif is used to using his power to suppress dissent within Iran and to threaten the opposition with terrorist attacks abroad. Neither of these strategies has been effective in silencing the MEK, and the size and scope of the recent protests in Europe left Zarif too shocked to mitigate his responsibility.


The Iranian regime hoped that they could suppress the opposition and that the Western trend toward abandoning the policy of appeasement would end. They are now beginning to realize that neither of these things are happening. The U.S. left the Iran nuclear deal and re-imposed sanctions, and the European Union sanctioned the regime’s  Ministry of Intelligence and Security and expelled several of its agents for their role in a number of terrorist plots on European soil. The Iranian people have been protesting against the regime for over a year and seem unlikely to stop anytime soon.


Regime change is closer than it has been in the last forty years, and the mullahs are well-aware of this, as are the Iranian people.

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