The Iranian regime facing deadly crisis

Regime Leaders Propose Replacing Rouhani, Limiting Khamenei’s Power

The Iranian regime facing deadly crisis

The deepening crisis in Iran and lack of capabilities to deal with the social and economical crisis.

Snowballing economic crises and growing social unrest are causing panic among those within the mullahs’ regime, as regime officials scramble to find answers to the escalating problems that face the Iranian people. Recently, regime officials and state-run media outlets have proposed radical solutions, such as replacing regime President Hassan Rouhani or even having regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei reduce his absolute hegemony. Some have called upon senior officials within the regime to apologize to the Iranian people.

In an interview with the Hamshahri daily, Mostafa Tajzadeh, regime’s Deputy Interior Minister during Mohammad Khatami’s presidency, described the internal crisis the regime officials are facing to the unfolding situation in Iran:

“I am in contact with a number of officials, and I can’t say if they share my concerns. However, as you know, in the Islamic Republic we have two types of officials. The first group has authority yet feel no responsibility. The second group have responsibilities on their shoulders yet lack the necessary authority. The first group can be dubbed as the epicenter and power hardcore. It has been some time now that this group has realized how the situation is deteriorating significantly.”

Rouhani supporter Ahmad Zeid Abadi says that any change to the cabinet would be ineffective in changing the current situation:

“Shuffling the cabinet will not help at all in changing the status quo,” he said. “Rouhani is in a circle of people that can do nothing but make circumstances even more complicated. If I had any suggestion, I wouldn’t advise him to resign.”

Sadeq Zibakalam, a theoretician for the regime’s “moderate” faction, expressed his fear of looming U.S. sanctions and their effect on the already-precarious social climate in Iran. He remarked to the Baztab website that, “[o]fficials should refrain from using any words that may open old wounds and provoke the society.”

The problem is that Iranian society has already been provoked. Changes within the cabinet or even at the highest levels of the regime are no longer enough to satisfy the people. The problems within the regime’s leadership are public and without remedy. The economic and social crises in Iran affect everyone in the country, and it is clear that the regime is incompetent to address the problems it has caused.

The ongoing uprising that began last December was sparked because of economic unrest. Officials worry that the worsening economic situation will boil over and cause the uprising to spread to a full-scale revolt. The MEK is organizing this uprising and expanding the opposition movement through the use of Resistance Units. As each month passes, the uprising grows in numbers and strength.

Iran’s problems cannot be solved by the same people who created them. The people, with the help of the MEK and its Resistance Units, are organizing a widespread revolution.

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