Iranians demonstration in New York against Rouhani's visit 2017

The Regime’s Wave of Executions Continues with Another Collective Execution at Adelabad

Iranians demonstration in New York against Rouhani's visit 2017

The Iranian communities supporters of the MEK, demonstrate in NewYork against Rouhani’s presence to the UNGA

On Saturday, September 22nd, the Iranian regime carried out a collective execution at Adelabad Prison. At the prison in Shiraz, the regime hanged nine prisoners in the same session, underscoring the Justice of Fars’ comments that the regime will deal with those that disturb the order of society.

The hangings came just a few days after the execution of four prisoners in Qir and Karzain County. Another prisoner was beaten to death in Bonab, East Azerbaijan while in police custody.

Blood on Their Hands

The mullahs have blood on their hands. The executions which took place this week were the latest in a string of brutal killings over the last 20 days. In just under three weeks, the regime has killed 31 prisoners.

The vast majority of victims were young political prisoners, detained on jumped up charges of “Moharebeh”, the practice of waging war against God. Many were hanged in groups, as at Adelabad Prison. In Gohardasht Prison on September 5th, a further eight prisoners were hanged.

International Condemnation

The reports coming out of Iran describing the regime’s wave of executions have prompted an outcry among the international Iranian community. Iranian communities in North America have voiced their support.

It is not just Iranians that are concerned by the latest human rights abuses in Iran. Former UN Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein accused Rouhani and the mullahs of violating international human rights laws. He cited the Iranian regime’s use of execution in cases brought against juveniles.

Amnesty International reported that the Iranian regime executes more of its own citizens than any other government on earth. Children are often among those hanged. Earlier this year, Maboubeh Mofifi, aged 16, was executed on charges of murdering her husband.

Escalating an Atmosphere of Intimidation

The recent wave of executions comes as the mullahs seek new ways of maintaining their grip on power. A recent wave of protests has left the mullahs future in power uncertain. With domestic pressure mounting, the regime is resorting to a campaign of violence and terror to settle the domestic landscape.

Iranian opposition groups, including the People’s Mujahedin Organisation of Iran (MEK) and the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), have called on international human rights organizations and the UN to help end the ruthless execution of Iranian citizens.

The Iranian regime cannot be allowed to carry out these barbaric atrocities unchallenged. The Iranian people rely on non-profit organizations and international governments to be their voice and bring an end to this tyranny.

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