Iranian regime's Minister of Communications expresses fear over the popularity of MEK among the Iranian youth.

MEK Has “Inflicted Severe Blows” with Social Media, Say Regime Experts

Iranian regime's Minister of Communications expresses fear over the popularity of MEK among the Iranian youth.

The Iranian regime is once again expressing fear over the popularity of MEK channels in Telegram and Instagram as a sign of their influence among Iranians and particularly the youth.

The Iranian regime and its officials have abandoned all pretense that the MEK has no power within Iran and have finally been forced to publicly acknowledge the MEK’s influence in the popular uprising currently taking place in Iran.

Regime officials have made a number of statements in recent months about the MEK’s role in the ongoing protests, and state-run media openly speaks of the MEK and its tactics for organizing protests, strikes, and demonstrations.

Regime Communications Minister Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi made recent remarks about the regime’s inability to prevent the MEK from using social media to organize activities and share news about the Iranian Resistance movement. A regime expert followed Jahromi’s statements by acknowledging that the MEK has been more active over the past year. The expert also confirmed the link between the MEK network within Iran and the organization working on behalf of the Iranian people abroad.

The state-run Tehran Press news agency reported on the MEK, referring to the organization as “the enemy.” Tehran Press described the failure of the regime to prevent the MEK from using the Internet to operate, saying that the MEK has “inflicted severe blows” to the Iranian regime through this medium.

The news agency cited a social media researcher, who warned that the popular messaging app Telegram and the social media app Instagram should be considered critical threats to Iran.

Telegram, which is used by more than 40 million people in Iran, is used by the MEK and the Iranian opposition to spread news and organize protests quickly. The regime is so threatened by the effectiveness of Telegram that it was banned earlier this year. Supporters of the Resistance continue to use the app, despite the ban.

The social media researcher cited by Tehran News agency went on to say:

“It should be noted that on the Internet, especially Telegram, the enemy and especially the [MEK], have gained complete control… The terminology of regime change is gaining complete control in social media networks today. If not 100%, a very significant percentage of the context is influenced by regime change terminology used specifically by the PMOI/MEK… These days we see many children of highly devoted individuals linked to the state are completely engulfed in social media platforms completely influenced by the [MEK].”

Even regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has acknowledged the importance of social media in shaping Iran’s youth, saying that the medium has become a “killing ground” for the country’s younger generation. Khamenei’s words reveal his deep fear of the possibility of the youth of Iran learning the truth about the regime.

The regime has access to a massive propaganda operation, but it has failed to succeed against a grassroots effort by a resistance group. The Iranian people, armed with knowledge, are not fooled by propaganda. As they have gained access to information about the democratic alternative to the regime offered by the MEK, they have become unwilling to stand for the mullahs’ corruption. The people of Iran see a future without the mullahs.

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