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Ahvaz Steel workers protest

Steelworkers in Ahvaz Release a Statement Condemning the Regime’s Unlawful Arrests and Torture

Ahvaz Steel workers protest

The Ahvaz Steel workers protest against the lack of payment and regime’s repressive measure against protesting workers.

Following the arrest and torture of a number of their colleagues, the Iran National Steel Industrial Group (INSIG) released a statement condemning the brutal acts of violence and aggression carried out at the behest of the Iranian regime.

In their statement, the workers lamented that their once-thriving factory in Ahvaz had been reduced to little more than a military base where regime agents summoned and threatened activists at their whim.

The group said that since 2016, it has witnessed despicable threatening behavior by regime security authorities, including, “arrests, prison, torture and preventing our colleagues from coming to work”.

The statement also highlighted the defiance and determination Iran’s brave steelworkers possessed to keep turning out to protest in the face of such aggression. The statement maintained that “these events haven’t prevented the noble workers of National Industrial Steel Group from pursuing their rights.”

The statement went on to accuse the regime of deliberately trying to shutter the group by deliberately placing military personnel in the factory and “gradually transforming INSIG from a production facility into a military base under the control of security and judiciary institutions.”

Months of Strikes

INSIG is Iran’s largest producer and exporter of steel and employs a significant portion of the Ahvaz workforce.

In recent months, this workforce has laid down their tools and left their place of work in a display of anger over unpaid wages, decreased workers’ rights, limited job security, and corruption amongst the company management.

The workers have referred to the company director and his allies as “the mafia” due to their extensive network of corruption and greed with little regard for the hardworking workforce that depends on the company for their livelihood.

Support from Across Iran

The steelworkers’ protests drew attention from across the Iranian population. Students in Tehran pledged their support to the workers, as did the Iranian opposition and the People’s Mujahedin Organisation of Iran (MEK).

The President-elect of the Iranian opposition, Maryam Rajavi, mentioned the brave workers in her recent speech at a conference on December 15th. She said, “the brave steel workers of Ahvaz have incited more resistance and protests across the country.”

Out of fear that the steelworkers’ protest would spread to other segments of the Iranian population, the regime administered a violent crackdown against the striking INSIG workers.

Regime agents raided the properties of known protestors during the night and carted them off to prison where they face torture and inhumane conditions.

The INSIG statement read, “seven of our colleagues are still in prison. Meanwhile, authorities continue to summon and imprison more workers.”

They expressed their dismay but indicated that they would use the incidents to channel their anger and fuel their determination for further protests. “At first glance, it might seem that after our street protests were halted, our justice-seeking voices have been stifled. But rest assured that this isn’t the end of our struggle against tyranny and injustice and the mafia. By drawing lessons from the past and using the experience we’ve earned, we will soon return in full force.”

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Some of the steelworkers who were arrested by the Iranian regime repressive forces in an over night raid to their houses.

Regime Conducts Second Night of Raids in Ahvaz

Some of the steelworkers who were arrested by the Iranian regime repressive forces in an over night raid to their houses.

The photos published on the Social Media outlets show the pictures of some of the leading steelworkers’ activists who have been arrested and imprisoned by the regime in order to intimidate the workers and stop their protests.

On Monday, regime security forces conducted the second consecutive night of raids in Ahvaz. 41 workers and representatives of the Iran National Steel Group were arrested in the late night raids on Sunday, and reports from the MEK network inside Iran indicate that more workers were arrested on Monday night.

Residents reported that security forces violently attacked their houses in the middle of the night. Many Ahvaz steelworkers have opted to sleep on the streets rather than face arrest at the hands of the regime.

The 41 workers who were arrested on Sunday night have been transferred to Sheiban Prison in Ahvaz, according to Iran Workers Free Union.

The Free Union held a meeting on Tuesday to discuss their plan of action. The union decided not to engage in further negotiations with officials until all of the workers were released from custody.

The Ahvaz steelworkers are on the 40th day of their strike, which has continued despite threats and intimidation from the regime. The Steelworkers say that they will strike until all of their colleagues have been released from prison.

Support for the Ahvaz Steelworkers

The detained steelworkers have gained support from people across Iran. In Tehran, hundreds of pensioners rallied outside of the regime’s Parliament on Tuesday. The protesters expressed their support for the striking workers by chanting: “From Ahvaz to Tehran, workers are in jails!”

“Free the steelworkers!”

“Imprisoned workers must be freed!”

“The enemy is here, they lie to us that it’s America!”

The Tehran Vahed Bus Syndicate also wrote a statement condemning the arrests.

The arrested workers also received words of support from the U.S. Department of State. Robert J. Palladino, the Deputy Spokesperson for the State Department, tweeted in support of the steelworkers on the Department’s Farsi Twitter page. The same tweet was also translated into English and posted on Twitter.

“Yesterday, Iran’s regime arrested steelworkers who simply asked to get paid for their work. Sadly, this is how the regime has always mistreated the Iranian people. The U.S. supports their rightful demands. Iranians deserve to live in peace and dignity.”

A Call to Action

The MEK and the Iranian Resistance call upon the Iranian people, particularly workers, young people, and students, to stand in solidarity with the striking steelworkers of Ahvaz and to protest their unjust arrest. It further calls upon international human rights groups and labor unions to call for the immediate release of the arrested workers

Detained Haft Tappeh Workers

Meanwhile, MEK sources in Khuzestan report that

Esmail Bakhshi, the labor representative of the Haft Tappeh Sugarcane Factory who was recently released from custody, has been placed under house arrest.

Ali Nejati, the former head of the Haft Tappeh Union, is still in detention. Nejati suffers from a heart condition. He was violently arrested in a raid on his home on November 29th.

Despite its ratification of the UN’s International Convention on Civil and Political Rights and membership in the International Labor Organization, Iran does not allow its citizens to form labor unions. Citizens can receive harsh prison sentences or flog for organizing labor.

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The 38th day of protest by SteelWorkers in Ahvaz

Iran: Ahvaz Steel Workers Continue Their Strike Despite Arrests of Dozens of Workers

The 38th day of protest by SteelWorkers in Ahvaz

The Iranian regime has cracked down on SteelWorkers by raiding the workers’ houses at night and arresting the leaders, despite, the protest continues into its 38th day.

Dozens of workers, protesters, and representatives of the Ahvaz Steel Factory have been arrested since midnight on Sunday, and arrests were ongoing as of Monday. So far, the names of 31 detainees have been published.

The arrests are part of an effort to suppress the steelworkers’ protests, which reached its 39th day on Tuesday. Repressive forces—including Ministry of Intelligence agents, riot police, and Revolutionary Guards—were positioned in strategic locations in Ahvaz in an attempt to prevent the steelworkers from continuing their protests.

The protesters persisted despite these measures, even though they were surrounded by suppressive forces in some areas. The workers vowed to continue to protest until their demands were met and their colleagues were freed. The workers chanted, “Imprisoned workers must be freed!”

The workers of the Ahvaz steel factory went on strike 39 days ago because they had not received their wages for several months. They have continued their strikes and protests despite continuous threats and acts of intimidation from the regime.

Workers from cities across Iran expressed solidarity with the striking steelworkers of Ahvaz, calling for the immediate release of the arrested workers. Among the workers expressing support were the Tehran Bus Company workers’ syndicate and truck drivers in various parts of Iran. Iran’s truck drivers have gone on strike four times this year because of low pay, rising fees, and hazardous conditions.

The MEK and the Iranian Resistance applauds the workers of Ahvaz for their persistence and strength and calls upon the workers, young people, and students of Iran, particularly those in Ahvaz and Khuzestan, to support the steelworkers of Ahvaz in their strike.

The MEK further calls upon international human rights organizations and workers’ rights advocates, unions, and syndicates to call for the release of the arrested workers, protesters, and representatives and to support the steelworkers in their protests.

The MEK and the Iranian Resistance say that the regime’s arrests of the protesting steelworkers are another sign of the mullahs’ frustration with the ongoing nationwide workers’ strikes.

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32nd day of protest by Ahvaz Workers

Ahvaz Steel Workers Forced to Sell Their Homes

32nd day of protest by Ahvaz Workers

Ahvaz SteeWorkers enter their 32nd day of protests-December 12, 2018

Reports from the MEK sources inside Iran indicate that workers from the Ahvaz National Steel Industrial Group reached the 32nd day of their strike on Tuesday. The steelworkers, who are striking in protest of months of unpaid wages, are struggling financially, and many of them have been forced to sell their homes in order to make ends meet.

The state-run ILNA news agency reported that the steelworkers of the Ahvaz National Steel Industrial Group faced financial hardships even before the strikes due to their wages not being paid consistently or on time.

The steelworkers have also demanded that their employers establish all production lines and supply necessary equipment and parts. In addition, they are asking that the factory he returned to government control. The steelworkers have seen conditions at the factory worsen under the direction of private investors, most of whom are connected to the regime, and who operate without any oversight.

The Ahvaz Steel factory is located in Khuzestan Province, where most workers have large families, due to the dominant culture in the region. Iran is in the midst of an economic crisis, which has caused inflation and the price of goods to skyrocket.

Unpaid wages of Ahvaz steel factory workers forces them to sell homes

Most of the steelworkers do not have homes to sell. They can not pay for basic needs, such as rent, utilities, medical bills, and education expenses for their children

According to ILNA, these factors, combined with the workers’ unstable wages, have driven the steelworkers of Ahvaz and their families out of their homes.

Steel Workers Strike for the 32nd Day

On Tuesday, the workers gathered in front of the Khuzestan Province governorate, holding banners which read, “Workers are awake and tired of being exploited!”

The Steelworkers also protested in front of the Jazayeri mosque. The demonstrators wore grave shrouds, which symbolizes their commitment to stand up for their cause no matter the cost.

Protesters in Iran have begun to wear grave shrouds at anti-regime protests as the workers’ strikes and protests have gained momentum. Also Maryam Rajavi, the Iranian opposition leader has urged the people of Ahvaz and particularly the youth to join the workers in unity.

The MEK and the Iranian Opposition supports these protests and calls upon the Iranian people to stand with the striking workers in solidarity.

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Protest by Iran Steelworkers continue.

The Steel Workers of Ahvaz Will Not Be Fooled by False Regime Promises

Protest by Iran Steelworkers continue.

The Steelworkers of Ahvaz continue their strike despite regime’s repressive measures

The strike undertaken by the steelworkers of Ahvaz has entered its fourth week. Reports from MEK sources inside Iran indicate that the workers remain determined to stand firm against the mullahs’ regime of oppression despite the regime’s repressive attempts to break their will and bring the strike to an end.

The Ahvaz steelworkers have been protesting unpaid wages and the poor working conditions inflicted on them by the regime.

On Saturday, December 8th, the regime sent its representatives through the Public Relations of Ahvaz Steel Factory organization to offer false promises in an attempt to break the workers’ strike.

However, the workers would not be deceived. After a hastily gathered general assembly, the striking workers decided that the regime’s words could not be trusted to carry weight. Their offered echoed the false promises made earlier in the strike by another regime-affiliated organization, the Khuzestan General Labour Office.

A Statement of Defiance

The workers released a statement in response to the regime’s offers. They said they would continue to protest until their goals were met, including the timely payment of wages, the reestablishment of factory production lines, and the reintroduction of worker insurance.

The workers would not accept anything less than the complete agreement to these demands.

This prompted ire from the regime, which quickly responded by summoning a number of the workers to the regime intelligence office in Ahvaz. The Iranian opposition, the People’s Mujahedin Organisation of Iran (MEK) and the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), reported that the workers were then threatened with arrest if the strikes continued.

This has been a consistent theme among recent demonstrations. Following the MEK-organised December and January nationwide uprisings, more than 8,000 protestors were arrested. Iran Human Rights Monitor reported that in regime custody, many of those detained were subject to conditions of torture and beatings.

Underhand Tactics

Beyond the ominous threat of arrest, there are concerns among the workers that the regime has sent mole elements into the workers’ protests movement. These moles are reportedly working to end the anti-regime protests and influence the protestors’ slogans and protest methods.

The NCRI and MEK, including president-elect Maryam Rajavi, have called on the people of Iran to support the protesting steelworkers of Ahvaz. There have been several gestures of support and solidarity with the workers, including among Iranian students.

Last week, students across Iran walked out of their classes and into the streets in a gesture of solidarity with their compatriots in Ahvaz. Their slogans contained messages of support.

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Steel Workers Demand Release of Detained Colleagues

Steel Workers Demand Release of Detained Colleagues

Steel Workers Demand Release of Detained Colleagues

Steel Workers Demand Release of Detained Colleagues

On Tuesday, June 12th, hundreds of steelworkers gathered outside of the governor’s office in Khuzestan Province to demand the release of the 36 workers who were detained on Monday night. The steelworkers chanted, Detained workers must be freed!”


Sources in the MEK network inside Iran reported that at least ten more workers were arrested on Tuesday when suppressive forces attacked the protesters calling for the release of detainees of the initial protests.


The protests began on Sunday when authorities refused to pay workers’ delayed salaries and meet their outstanding demands. The workers responded by raising roadblocks on the Ahwaz-Tehran rail tracks.


On Monday morning, 400 workers from the Iran National Steel Industrial Group gathered in front of the Governorate in Ahvaz to ask for consideration of their status in their company and to demand payment of their salaries, which have not been paid on time.


The protesters marched from the Governorate to Kianpars and then on to Mahin Street while surrounded by a heavy police presence. The marchers shut down the street, bringing traffic to a standstill for several hours. The workers then marched to the offices of some members of parliament in the city, chanting:


“Compatriots be aware, Ahvaz has no owner!” and “We do not want an inadequate governor!”


Sources in the MEK network inside Iran also reported that the steelworkers chanted against the mullahs’ regime during their protest.


Iran Human Rights Monitor was able to obtain the names of some of those who were detained in their initial protests. Their names are listed below:

  1. Hassan Javid Hamoudi,
    2. Peyman Shajirat,
    3. Mohammad Naghizadeh,
    4. Ali Jama’ati,
    5. Rahman Sam’ak,
    6. Karim Siahi,
    7. Ali Aghabeh,
    8. Ali Taheri,
    9. Mostafa Zargani,
    10. Behzad Alikhani,
    11. Seyyed Mohammad Mousavi,
    12. Amir Sha’abani,
    13. Seyyed Razzagh Mousavi,
    14. Hadi Vaeli,
    15. Farzad Gharaji,
    16. Younes Amiri,
    17. Seyyed Ali Moradi,
    18. Nour Ali Khan Mohammad,
    19. Amir Harirzavi,
    20. Ahmad Afrawi,
    21. Hossein Efri,
    22. Ebrahim Farsi,
    23. Mohammad Allawi,
    24. Seyyed Javad Mousavi,
    25. Alireza Mohreb,
    26. Javad Eskandari,
    27. Ali Daghalegheh,
    28. Ebrahim Borumand Nia,
    29. Ali Hezbi Pour,
    30. Faisal Sari,
    31. Shahin Baba Ahmadi,
    32. Kazem Heydari





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