Nightly Protest in Honor of Mohsen Shekari

Iran Nationwide Uprising, Nightly Protests – Day 86

Nightly Protest in Honor of Mohsen Shekari

Nightly Protest in Honor of Mohsen Shekari


On Saturday night, December 10, the 86th night of the uprising, people staged night protests in different parts of Tehran, including Sattar Khan, Naziabad, Narmak, Shariati, Payambar district, Janat Abad, Chitgar, and Qa’em subway in honor of Mohsen Shekari. They chanted, “Death to Khamenei”, “We swear on the blood of those fallen that we will continue this path to the end”, “Death to the child-killing regime”, “O despicable Leader, your grave is ready!”, “Political prisoners must be freed”, etc.



Locals staged their protests in Sattar Khan Ave. by lighting fire and chanting, “You, Khamenei, the murderer, we are all Mohsen”, “Death to Khamenei”, “All these years of crime, death to this regime”, and “Death to Basiji”. In Tehran’s Shariati Street, young people protested chanting, “Patriotic Iranians, Support, Support!”. Youths gathered in Haft Hoz in Narmak in the evening and demonstrated by chanting anti-government slogans. In Chitgar, youths chanted “Khamenei is a killer, his rule is illegitimate”.



Locals of Karaj, Tabriz, Rasht, Rudsar, Sanandaj, Isfahan, Dorud, Ahvaz, and some other cities protested the execution of Mohsen Shekari and held night protests, by lighting fire and chanting, “Death to Khamenei” and “Death to the dictator”. Brave women of Qom surrounded mullah Mojtaba Zulnuri, a representative of the regime’s parliament and one of the most criminal government mullahs, and shouted, “This is the last message; if you execute, there’ll be an uprising.” In Ahvaz, youths lit fires and chanted, “Their promises are hollow; the answer to their promises is a revolution.”



On Saturday, the funeral ceremony of Shadman Ahmadi, who was martyred under torture by regime mercenaries, was held in Dehgolan.



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