people have stood firm and powerfully against these calls for the uprising."

MEK: Growing Tensions Among Iranian Officials Due to Protest Spread

people have stood firm and powerfully against these calls for the uprising."

People in Iran have stood firm and powerfully against these calls for the uprising.


While protests over soaring food prices spread from province to province, state officials’ systemic hypocrisy speaks volumes about the regime’s grave concerns.”Obviously, the enemy has tried and is doing and will continue to work hard,” Iranian Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi told state television. ” Of course, the enemy is showing its enmity, and this is their job. This is the only effort they can make. But, thanks to God, our people have stood firm and powerfully against these calls for the uprising.”


“The person who was killed in the recent rallies in Khuzestan was not from the city of Dezful, rather he was a resident of Andimeshk,” MP Ahmad Avaei said in an interview with the state-run news agency ILNA.”The situation in Dezful is currently calm. About 70 people gathered in this city two nights ago, but they dispersed quickly. The people who gathered in Dezful were mostly from the suburbs outside of Dezful and were not city residents!”

The MP in Dezful who is supposed to represent the people said he was unaware of the number of people detained during recent rallies in the city. As is customary, the regime attempted to blame everyone and everything except those in power.

“Some biased people and dissident media are trying to make the situation in the country look scary, while the situation of goods in the country is appropriate,” Hassan Mirzakhani, the governor’s economic deputy of the Markazi Province, said. People are putting too much pressure on the market as a result of their unreasonable demands.”



“Some concerns in the flour and bread sector were due to the violations of a number of bakers who were arrested, and their bakeries were sealed today after the necessary warnings,” Mirzakhani said. Others, however, chose a different tone as the Iranian people’s perseverance becomes more apparent by the day.

“Of course, in the post-revolutionary era, our society has always been under the enemy’s cruel sanctions,” Mostafa Mohami, the Supreme Leader’s representative in Zahedan, said during his Friday prayer sermon. There is a lot of propaganda out there these days that tries to convince you that you can’t stand up to the enemy. Some people may be weak in their faith and succumb to peer pressure. Both inside and outside the country, hypocrites (the People’s Mojahedin of Iran (PMOI/MEK)) are spreading propaganda, collaborating with global arrogance and international Zionism. They have joined forces to overcome the Iranian people’s resistance.”



“Most of the first generation of the revolution has passed away today,” Brigadier General Yadollah Javani, political deputy of the IRGC, said on behalf of the Basij force leaders in Mashhad. The enemy wants to control how people think. This is how the enemy’s war operates. The enemy is capturing the youth’s minds, hearts, and souls in order to control their emotions and behaviors.”

“They say our problems are due to our hostility, and gradually they will say that the country’s problem is the leadership, which refuses to negotiate with the United States,” Javani added, emphasizing the deepening of public hatred while cautioning, “Humans can also be influenced.” Three jihadist students are currently being attacked by a young man, and this is due to the mentality that influenced him. The person who caused Martyr Shoushtari’s martyrdom in Sistan and Baluchistan had the same idea.”

“The hypocrites (MEK) and those who induce sedition and counter-revolutionary forces have an agenda to exploit the wave of popular protests,” MP Ahmad Rastineh said today in the regime’s parliament. They once again demonstrated their enmity with the nation by attacking the offices of the Friday prayers Imams and Basij centers in this city.”





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