MEK Resistance Units in Iran Commemorate Nowruz with Anti-Regime Activities


MEK Resistance Units celebrate Nowruz in defiance of the repression and corruption of the mullahs’ regime.


The mullahs’ regime has left little for the Iranian people to enjoy and celebrate about as the new Persian calendar year begins. The regime has done everything it can to take smiles off Iranians’ faces and dreams out of their hearts, from growing costs and inflation to an increase in executions and harassment of protestors. Members of the MEK’s internal network, the Resistance Units, are celebrating the new year and century by reiterating their intention to destroy the mullahs’ dictatorship and establish freedom in Iran, despite the mullahs’ persecution.

Resistance Units in Tehran unveiled posters of Iranian Resistance Leader Massoud Rajavi, emphasizing that overthrowing the mullahs is the only way to achieve freedom. “This New Year signifies the end of the mullahs’ dictatorship and the beginning of the spring of liberation,” declared a banner carried by Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) in Tehran. Other posters in Tehran exhorted Iranian youngsters to join the Resistance Units’ growing numbers in their goal to keep the flame of resistance against oppression alight.



The Resistance Units adorned their tables in their homes with messages of hope for freedom and regime change, paying tribute to the freedom movement’s dead and expressing solidarity with the mothers of young protestors killed by government security forces in recent years.“I am eager for freedom. This year will be the year the mullahs’ regime is overthrown,” a Resistance Unit member said in her video message.

“This will be the year we liberate the Iranian people from the dictatorial rule of the mullahs,” another Resistance Unit member predicted.


In Isfahan, a Resistance Unit member said, “Spring is the season of breaking the shackles of despair. We will uproot the mullahs’ rule. We will celebrate the next Nowruz in freedom.”

“Death to Khamenei, long live freedom,” another Isfahan Resistance Unit member said.

In Hamedan, a member of the Resistance Unit held a sign that said, “The sprouts of freedom will burst the ice of oppression and bask rebellious cities in the promise of spring.”





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