Iranian Opposition Warns of Further Terrorism if Regime´s Revolutionary Guards are Removed from the US Terrorist List


NCRI-U.S. Office releases new report on the Iranian regime’s IRGC and its “Machinery of Terrorism”

The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) U.S. Representative Office released a new report on Thursday advising against any measures aimed at removing the Iranian regime’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) from the US State Department’s Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) list, claiming that such a move would “intensify terrorism and mayhem” across the Middle East.

There are rising concerns that the Biden administration is considering such a step at the ongoing nuclear discussions in Vienna, which are focusing on the regime’s disputed nuclear program in the hopes of reaching a weaker 2022 version of the 2015 nuclear deal, which is already severely flawed.

“A probable IRGC exclusion from the FTO list and removal of these persons from the terror blacklist, as demanded by Iran’s governing theocracy, will no likely heighten terrorism and mayhem in the region,” according to a report released by the NCRI’s US Office. During the Vienna talks in 2019, the mullahs’ regime demanded the removal of the FTO designation bestowed on the IRGC by the Trump administration 2019.



The NCRI, a coalition fighting for a secular, democratic, and non-nuclear Iran, adds that the FTO classification “obstructed many of the IRGC-related foreign financial activities,” per the report.

The research outlines the IRGC’s involvement in military and terrorist operations in other nations throughout the region, as well as the training of foreign mercenaries in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, through its broad network of terrorist groups and proxies. This recent release supports the NCRI’s previous reports about the IRGC’s use of drones and naval proxies.

“The IRGC’s involvement in weapons of mass destruction research and development, ceaseless terrorist activities to foment mayhem, destruction, and instability across the Middle East, and its financial empire to fund its nefarious activities inside Iran and abroad make this terror outfit a serious global threat,” the report continues.


The new NCRI also explains how the IRGC is deployed against the Iranian people as the regime’s domestic crackdown machine’s major branch. This is especially critical in light of recent protests by citizens who have risen to the streets in revolutions that have rattled the regime’s basic foundations.

The NCRI adds that the US and its allies’ outreach and JCPOA discussions have emboldened the regime to continue its core terrorist actions.

With the release of the report, Alireza Jafarzadeh, deputy director of the NCRI’s Washington office, told Fox News’ Adam Shaw, “Continual offers of concessions by Western countries and a lack of responsibility for the regime’s terrorism have emboldened Tehran to scale up its terrorism across the area.”Any attempt to lift the IRGC’s FTO designation would be “at best counterproductive,” Jafarzadeh said.


“Instead of holding the regime accountable for its stepped-up terrorism, the West would be rewarding terrorism, leading to even more violence,” he highlighted, arguing instead that in fact, more sanctions are necessary due to the regime’s ongoing terrorist campaign across the Middle East.

Members of Congress are likewise concerned about the abolition of the FTO. A bipartisan group of 21 House members, including 11 Democrats, recently sent a letter to US President Joe Biden expressing concerns that a new Iran deal might not be harsh enough.

“Among other issues, we are highly concerned about reports indicating the potential lifting of the FTO designation of the IRGC and of the sanctions placed on members of the office of the Supreme Leader,” the letter reads.

The NCRI report came two days after the IRGC launched a second reconnaissance satellite into orbit, generating new concerns and questions about the regime’s use of space as a cover to expand its ballistic missile arsenal.





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