Iran coronavirus update: Over 522,900 deaths, 6th peak to be followed immediately by the 7th


The novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has taken the lives of over 522,900 people throughout Iran, according to the Iranian opposition PMOI/MEK.


Over 522,900 people have died of the novel coronavirus in 547 cities checkered across all of Iran’s 31 provinces, according to reports tallied by the Iranian opposition People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) as of Monday afternoon local time, March 14. The official death toll declared by the regime stands at 139,180, around a fourth of the actual figure.

The coronavirus death toll in various provinces includes 123,075 in Tehran, 41,745 in Isfahan, 36,460 in Isfahan, 31,450 in Khuzestan, 20,125 in Fars, 19,728 in West Azerbaijan, 18,630 in Mazandaran, 18,128 in East Azerbaijan, 17,000 in Lorestan, 15,283 in Alborz, 14,322 in Kerman, 14,290 in Sistan & Baluchistan, 11,175 in Golestan, 9774 in Kermanshah, 9723 in Hamedan, 9468 in Markazi, 8517 in Kurdistan, 6721 in Ardabil, 5814 in Bushehr, and 4050 in Chaharmahal & Bakhtiari. This is in addition to reports obtained from other provinces.

The regime’s Health Ministry announced the mullahs’ engineered Covid-19 numbers from the past 24 hours on Tuesday as 3223 new cases and 117 deaths.



Furthermore, 2531 patients are in ICUs and 675 of the new cases have been hospitalized.



“It doesn’t appear that we are at a stage where I can say we can feel relieved. We have yet to overcome omicron and there are still new cases,” said a member of the National Covid-19 Task Force Scientific Committee on Monday regarding the seventh peak, according to the state-run Mashreq daily.

“The sixth peak has yet to end. We will have the seventh peak afterward. Despite the constant reminders, the Health Ministry failed to analyze the threats inside the cities and different areas. If they had done so we could have imposed more serious restrictions for high-risk areas,” said Hamid Souri, a renowned epidemiologist in Iran on Monday, according to the Shafaqna news agency.

There are currently 15 of 23 cities registered as red zones in Kerman province, five are orange zones and three are yellow zones, according to a report wired on Monday by the regime’s official IRIB news agency.


“We currently have 603 coronavirus patients hospitalized, of which 125 are in ICUs. Furthermore, 16 patients lost their lives in the past 24 hours,” according to a joint statement released on Monday by the Isfahan and Kashan Medical Sciences universities.

With 182 coronavirus patients hospitalized in the past 24 hours across West Azerbaijan province, there are currently 421 patients hospitalized, of which 151 are in ICUs and 35 are under ventilators.

With 107 coronavirus patients hospitalized in the past 24 hours across Fars province, there are currently 547 patients hospitalized, of which 106 are in ICUs, according to an IRIB report wired Monday.




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