Zarif participates the Moghnie ceremony

MEK Iran: Foreign Minister Zarif Is Agent of Regime’s Terrorism and Human Rights Abuses

Zarif participates the Moghnie ceremony

(PMOI / MEK Iran): Zarif, the diplomat terrorist of the Iranian regime serving as Foreign Minister, participate in Moghnie, the well-known terrorist

The Iranian regime has a long and well-documented history of human rights abuses, anti-opposition propaganda, and exportation of terrorism. In recent years, Foreign Minister Javad Zarif has been the public face of the regime in the international community. His excellent grasp of the English language and apparent willingness to take a more moderate stance on behalf of the regime have led many to believe that Zarif is a true Reformer and a regime official who can be trusted.

The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), and the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI / MEK Iran), reported that  Zarif’s actions demonstrate otherwise. As the intermediary between the regime and the diplomatic community, Zarif functions as a hostage negotiator and a proponent of the mullahs’ extremist policies. As an official representative of the Iranian regime, he is inherently complicit in their criminal actions.

designated by US

(PMOI / MEK Iran): Javad Zarif as an official representative of the Iranian regime is inherently complicit in their criminal actions.


There is compelling evidence that Zarif’s involvement in the regime’s criminal activities extends beyond mere complicity. Last month, the trial of regime diplomat Assadollah Assadi began in Antwerp, Belgium. Assadi and three accomplices stand accused of plotting a terrorist bombing attack on the 2018 Free Iran gathering in Villepinte, France. Tens of thousands of MEK supporters were present at the event, as were dozens of prominent politicians from around the world. The terrorists’ target was Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI). The bombing was foiled hours before it was scheduled to be detonated, and the suspects were arrested.

Belgian prosecutors say that Assadi was acting on the orders of officials at the highest levels of the regime, including Zarif. Assadi also refused to attend court dates on November 27 and December 3 after receiving orders from Zarif’s office.

The trial of Iranian diplomat

(PMOI / MEK Iran): The trial of Assadi Iranian diplomat.

Bruce McColm, the Director for Institute for Democratic Strategies, wrote an article for the conservative website Townhall in which he explained Zarif’s involvement. “Instructions reached Assadi via the Foreign Ministry. Zarif was aware of the plot. And direct involvement would come as little surprise given Zarif’s public affection for the IRGC and [assassinated Qods Force commander Qassem] Soleimani,” he wrote.

The Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) is a suppressive paramilitary force that operates inside Iran. The Quds Force and Basij forces are arms of the IRGC that carry out the regime’s terrorist operations abroad.

Zarif was invited to the IRGC’s headquarters as an honored guest in April 2019. He has also gone on record as saying he worked closely with Soleimani to coordinate policy in their weekly meetings. It is, of course, expected that regime officials would work closely with each other and publicly support all branches of the government. The Iranian regime does not allow any form of dissent. This is one reason why the MEK frequently calls for regime change. There can be no reform of a system in which every official must agree with the Supreme Leader on the pain of death.


Zarif has also been called the regime’s propaganda minister because of his role in justifying Iran’s domestic human rights abuses and international aggression. The United States added Zarif to its foreign terrorist list in 2019 because of his association with the regime’s terrorist activities.

Further, Zarif recently proposed hostage exchanges with Western countries under the guise of a “prison swap,” despite his regime judiciary’s insistence that it is independent and “any meddling in the issuance or execution of judicial rulings is unacceptable.” The Iranian regime has taken a number of Western nationals hostage over the past several years and imprisoned them on false charges. Zarif offered to trade them for Iranian criminals serving valid prison terms in Western countries.

“Diplomatic chiefs in the Iranian regime are petty international peddlers of the regime’s terrorism. That is why Zarif should be shunned, the regime’s agents expelled, and the regime’s embassies, which provide strategic and tactical logistical support to the regime’s terrorists, must be shut down once and for all,” McColm argued.

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