Iran Coronavirus

MEK Iran: Officials Concerned About Worsening Situation

Iran Coronavirus


The National Council of Resistance of Iran’s (NCRI), and the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI / MEK Iran), the main opposition to the Iranian regime, has reported that more than 150,700 people across Iran have died after contracting COVID-19.

The situation is worsening and many medical experts and officials across the country are expressing concern about how the next few weeks and months will pan out.

The regime, as it has been since the beginning, is underreporting the death toll. Its latest figures state that only 39,664 people have died after contracting the virus – a quarter of the real figure.

However, despite its false statistics, the Iranian regime is unable to hide the fact that the situation is getting worse and that the latest death tolls and the number of infections are unprecedented. On Sunday, a spokesperson for the regime’s Ministry of Health said that there was an unprecedented number of deaths in the previous 24 hours (459) and 5523 people in intensive care units (ICUs).

The Deputy Minister of Health also spoke about the situation, saying that 2,00 more ICU beds and 10,000 general beds would be put in place before April next year. However, with the way the trend is going, many are wondering if this will be too little, too late.

The Minister of Health Saied Namaki also spoke on Sunday, saying that “we may have to face even harsher days in the near future”. A difficult Autumn season has already been predicted, with the usual winter illnesses such as flu starts.

Many health and scientific experts are warning that the health service is already struggling to cope and the situation will not improve unless drastic measures are taken, recommending they are taken as soon as possible. Several members of the National Coronavirus Task Force have recommended that lockdowns are implemented immediately to slow the spread of the virus and to relieve some of the pressure that is being put on medical workers.

Other officials are showing that their priorities are in the wrong place. For example, during the most recent session of Parliament, an MP has called for those questioning official statistics to be prosecuted.

However, this raises the question of the regime’s honesty and transparency. Without a doubt, the regime’s denials about the beginning of the outbreak and its subsequent and continual denials about the number of people infected and the death toll have made the statistics worse than they should have been.

The regime has had the benefit of seeing other countries dealing with the virus and should have been able to learn from their mistakes. But now Iran is one of the worst-affected countries because of its mismanagement and negligence.

The National Coronavirus Task Force has made numerous recommendations over the past few months, but their measures are not being implemented. The medical staff has also been ignored, with the heads of hospitals being systematically ignored.

The people can see what is happening and they are determined to hold the regime accountable for the gravity of this crisis.

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran’s (NCRI): The mullahs’ inhuman regime is responsible for the new wave of the outbreak and the growing number of victims in Iran. They do not think of anything but further plunder and preservation of their disgraceful rule.

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