Bread shortage

MEK: Bread shortage in Iran

Bread shortage

NCRI and (PMOI / MEK Iran) reported that: Prices of Bread, a Staple Food Item for Majority of Iranians, See a Staggering Rise; Inflation and Shortage of Flour in Iranian Cities; Closure of Many Bakeries.

The National Council of Resistance of Iran’s (NCRI), and the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI / MEK Iran), reported that the price of flour has been increased at the same time that bakeries quotas have been reduced by the Iranian regime, which means that bread prices will soon soar, so Iranian people have been waiting in long lines during a pandemic to buy basic foodstuffs.

MEK supporter from the city of Neka reported a working-class city in northern Iran, the flour quota for bakers is particularly low.

MEK supporter reported: One baker there said: “Until now, we used to purchase flour from the free market and the price of flour was 900,000 rials (about $3) for each bag. Now in the flour factory, the price is 2-3 million rials (about $6 to $9) per bag. I got 80 bags of flours for 130 million rials (about $400). I lose 1 million rials (about $3) per bag.”

In Miandoab, people lack bread, flours, and working bakeries. In Shahriar, bread has not been available for several days. And in Mahdasht, Karaj, there’s been a severe bread shortage for a week.

Kurdistan MP Shiva Ghassemipour said in parliament on September 23: “The way things are going, in the next few months, the bread will disappear from the people’s tables, as has happened with meat and eggs After all these years, we must ask ourselves, was there no solution to this situation?… Our officials do not do anything to help the impoverished people of our society, whose numbers are increasing every day. When did we promise to create havens for the rich, give shelter to the corrupt, and deprive the poor of the ability to buy eggs?”

She said that the regime brags about having provided or the people, but if the people cannot afford it then what is the point, accusing her fellow officials of not knowing how much things cost and asking how people should need to sell their organs to buy food.

MEK supporters from cities across the country reported, that there have been multiple labor strikes across the country for the past several days.

On Sunday, expelled municipality workers gathered outside the municipality building in Ahwaz to demand their immediate rehiring.

On Saturday, Zamzam factory workers gathered outside the Tabriz factory to demand payment of delayed wages and the immediate return to work for fired colleagues, while workers on the Ahar-Meshgin-shahr highway project in Meshgin-shahr went on strike to protest late payments.

Municipal workers in Bojnurd gathered outside the Bojnurd municipality to protest their lack of job security, while workers at the Petro Refining Co. in Lamerd, went on strike over their boss’ refusal to pay their wages.

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